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By rosscoton
Mar 2, 2011
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  1. Hey guys.

    I use the normal pc - monitor output with the usual 15 pin cable, using windows 7.

    My PC supports that and HDMI, so Ive always had my monitor running and HDMI to my TV.

    When I have had this connected - I always used my sound system for sound as the hdmi cable never picked up sound from the TV.

    All of a sudden my tv doesnt worked with cable to the monitor and doesnt transfer the sound to my sound system (green speaker port) and ive no idea what to do.

    My tower works with the HDMI cable though........and sound comes from the TV which has never worked before.
  2. rosscoton

    rosscoton TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    Okay, I managed to fix this - took hours.

    I have this set on multiple display using Win7. It was fine and then all of a sudden only 1 display would work. I now have it back on normal display for my monitor which works fine but the HDMI on the mounted tv on the other side of my room is very distorted with the colours. It was perfectly fine before. I tried restoring the settings etc but still the same. Tried changing resolution etc and still the same nonsense.

    Weirdly enough it's only round peoples faces like the edges of their face, nose, eyes etc. This is confusing the life out of me.

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