Videocard + monitor problem

By drakexxl
Jun 10, 2009
  1. Well,i had an nvidia px7600gs videocard that sucked ,so i got an radeon saphire hd3650.i did all the steps necesary in instaling a new videocard :

    -unninstalled old drivers
    -turn power supply of
    -unplug old videocard
    -plug the new one

    this new card has a dvi output so tu plug my monitor into it i use and dvi to vga adaptor ,but the problem is that when i turn on power to the computer my monitor button light stays on for 3-4 seconds then blinks and just does that forver .the thing is that i can hear the windows sound ,i mean,all works fine except my monitor does that thing and wont show nothing but a blank screen.

    pls help.cheers
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