Virtumonde/Trojan attack .txt files

By personalceo
Oct 13, 2008
  1. Last week my computer began showing signs of attack by popping open new browser windows. FF3 XP SP2 Anyway the new window usually had audio or video and you could hear it playing for about 15 seconds or so BEFORE the window showed itself.

    Using multiple AV tools (Spyware Doctor, Adaware, SPybot S&D, Avast, Kaspersky, Smit Fraudfix, etc) i chased it all weekend. Kept getting a Trojan indication but nothing was ever able to remove it completely. Kaspersky locked me down without allowing internet. AND I had Norton 2009 AV running when i got infected.

    Many indications showed a file awtuvTkI.dll as a trojan culprit but it was not easily removed and finally a rename changed it foe a while...but i see it in the hijackthis log file. All showed virtumonde

    Logs attached. I'd like your help so i can make sure this is completly removed.

    thank you
  2. BillAllen55

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    8-step process

    If you will go to this techspot guide and perform the 8-step Spyware/virus removal guide, this should assist you with all insidious virus/spyware/malware related issues.
    One may be tempted to bypass a process or two. I would recommend you resist that temptation.
    I'm understanding that you have already done extensive spyware scanning. Saying this I'm not seeing the spyware programs that are listed in this 8-step process. Might think about checking out the website and going through the steps. I have found the site to be very helpful!
  3. personalceo

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    Reply to Bill


    thanks for the reply.

    i failed to mention that I did go through the 8 steps. Approriate .txt files were attached

    so far i'm not getting pop up windows...but finding the awtuvTkI.dll file in the hijackthis log makes me nervous as it was flagged for every scan.

  4. BillAllen55

    BillAllen55 TS Maniac Posts: 368

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