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Jul 5, 2009
  1. Windows XP
    Compaq presario laptop v6310US

    I have a virus where all .exe files are seen as documents, and will not open. When I click on any executable file, or link, I get a message telling me "Windows cannot open this file". I thought the virus had simply corrupted all the executable files on my computer, but when I started the 8 step malware removal process, Ccleaner was downloaded as a document file, and will not run.

    Can someone help. Please.

  2. raybay

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    Please try again.
    It would be helpful for us to have your computer brand and model, as well as configuration and software installed.
    What have you been using for Antivirus, Antispyware, and such.
    Look elsewhere on this forum for the 8 steps process...
    or download and run the free Avira Antivir or Avast for antivirus, SuperAntiSpyware, MalWareBytes, and Windows Defender...
    Then we can deal with the 8 Steps Process later...
    You have an interesting problem... but we need as much information as possible, in our effort to possibly help you.
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  4. 2kg4u

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    thanks for your help

    Thanks for the input, but I cannot run any of the 8 steps for Malware removal, or anything else for that matter. Every icon on my desktop has an .lnk extension, and will not execute. Any .exe files I download from the internet are downloaded as document files and will not run.

    The only good new is the virus has not corrupted my data files. I am backing up all my data files to an external storage device, after which am reformatting the drive.

    Apparently the virus modifies the registry so it does not recognize .exe files. Stangely, internet explorer and outlook express still work. Even commands from the "run" command such as msconfig or regedit will not run. It would not allow me to run online virus scans, since those scans rely on Java support, and that is not working.

    Again, thanks for trying.

  5. Bobbye

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    If you have a Virut malware infection, there isn't much to do but to reformat/reinstall. It trashes the .exe files, morphs every time you remove it and stays on the system.
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