Virus? Hard drive issue?

By loponai
May 26, 2008
  1. This is what happened:
    Okay, so I was on the computer. I downloaded this program, and then it wouldn't work right because I needed a serial number. I figured this was illegal so i uninstalled the program and while i unstalled it this thing came up. It was a little box with a yellow triangle and it had two buttons. I clicked one button because I thought it meant that the uninstalltion was complete. The computer then restarted. I tried starting it up again and it starts then my old norton program [ to lazy to refresh it 2006], says it shut my computer down due to a hardware bug. I push okay, and it just gets to the windows loading screen loads all the way it finishes, then it says no signal and reboots. It restarts. I tried using windows xp repair but for some reason none of the keyboards I have work on it now.

    I got a keyboard adapter that goes into the other keyboard plug in [don't no the name], its not usb though. Then I went to repair for windows. When I got to the loading screen of agree or esc. I push f8 to agree and it doesn't do anything. I push Esc to esc and it quits. But, no matter how much i push f8 it doesn't agree.

    When I load it up normally after the standard stuff, norton comes up and tells whath happened. Apparently, some sort of hardware bug had threatened the system and it told it to shut down. It tells me to run a scan disk or something when i log in again. [can't get that far]. So i push space and look at the options. I push system restore, and it does some stuff then it says it has to reboot. Then, the screen gets all black and theres a little line blinking in the top left of the screen. Theres nothing left for me to do except shut the computer off now.

    So, the last option is safe mode. I went to safe mode, it worked good, then it went to the log in screen. But, lone and behold the infamous no signal sign pops up, makes a beep, and the computer restarts. What is wrong here? Is there a solution?

    ps: I had another computer before this one, it had almost exactly the same problem, except I could load the repair farther untill another thing stopped me. I don't know if this is of any signficance, except for the fact I seem to have a tendency to trash my computers.
  2. Route44

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    How old is your anti-virus? What other security measures do you use, i.e., firewall, router, antispyware?

    If you can get onto the the internet via Safe Mode I strongly suggest going to the Security and the Web forums and read the stickies there.

    Also, Trend-Micro, Bit Defender, and NOD32 all have free online scans. But read the stickies first.
  3. loponai

    loponai TS Rookie Topic Starter

    safemode with networking does not work.
  4. loponai

    loponai TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ^ it goes threw the white sentences of commands or something..loads..then says
    no signal and it beeps and restarts again
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