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Virus help

By hitech0101
Oct 9, 2010
  1. Well call this fate.This is what happened first my i cannot connect to my internet because of some 'line' problem then at that time my anti virus which is a trial version (Quick Heal) gets expired, i was reinstalling it every month since it had a one month validity but know i do not install it again thinking since i have no internet connectivity there is no threat of virus.But my friend brings a flash drive to do some work & with it probably some virus then the next day the destruction starts my PC takes a long time to boot then after that some programs are not working then i realize something is wrong & i try installing Quick heal it detects virus during pre install scan & requests a boot scan so i agree the PC reboots & boot scan takes place which destroys over 1500 .exe & other files including many of essential softwares like office 07 matlab_7,games etc some of the files are like setup.exe then finally after all this i reach the welcome screen then slowly one after other icons appear after that i try top install quick heal but it requests another boot scan so i reject this time then i reboot try to enter safe mode but the pc reboots when i select it, i try again with same results.All this while i still don't have internet connectivity so cannot get any help.The next day when i boot my PC after reaching the desktop i get the message 'Microsoft corp. closed this program for safety "eplorer.exe" 'i am left with the blank desktop no icons no taskbar .I am using multiple partitions so i format my windows partition then i install avast pro then i install some more programs like adobe reader & all drivers i am left with very few programs as quick heal deleted the rest.Now i do a full PC scan with avast it detects over 1,000 files but all in 'system volume' of different partitions & some in other folders i bring office 07 & other utilities from my friend & install them now the PC seems to work fine & a few days later my internet connection is working so i download some more programs such Firefox,vlc player etc. Now i want to know what had happened to my PC am i clean now? Quick heal detected 'win32.sality.V' during boot scan & avast pro detected 'trojan.slugin' sad part is half of my games are gone now because the .exe files have been deleted but some are working why is that ? Some softwares setups are working other are not why is that ? How to prevent such things in future.I also scanned with malwarebytes antimalware it detects nothing.

    Intel core 2 Duo 2.8 Ghz
    4 GB DDR2 RAM
    512mb nvidia graphics card
    250 GB hard disk - i have made 4 partitions

    Win xp sp3 32bit
    Win xp sp2 32bit

    Sorry for the real long post but wanted to tell you guyz what exactly happened.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. crunchie

    crunchie Malware Helper Posts: 728

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