Virus hijack - Help I dont know what to do

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Oct 10, 2008
  1. ok, so i was getting trapcode particular off the internet, and like a ***** i download from an anonymous site that i was pretty sure was guna get me a virus, but in dire hope i did it anyways...

    so know i have like 100 viruses and trojans and crap...
    ill list the "symptoms"
    @ Start Up: Windows refresh every 5 seconds
    Icons dissapear
    Backround disappears
    taskbar dissapears
    won't run any windows except AIM
    ANTIVIRUS 2009 shows up (cleared that up tho)
    avast and PC Doctor both say i have Rogue Anti Virus but when i go to the location they stated its no there C:\ProgramFiles\Antivirus

    ITs only on my account to

    and also when i start up it says HP conncetions.exe is missing '-' the app id seperator
    and just recently 3 more error messages showd up but i forgot what they were

    I restored my computer but the last restore dates are 10/3/08 (day i got virus...)
    and 2\7\2007 (day i got my computer) so i dont want to restore it and lose all the stuff i have

    thats my hijackthis log file...
    im running on VISTA SP1 Home Premium
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  3. Bobbye

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    You need to run the full malware cleaning, in the order given and then ATTACH the logs:

    When through, see this: How to post your Hijackthis log-file as an ATTACHMENT

    When you rerun HijackThis, please include the entire log in the attachment. The middle section of your log is missing.

    You should not use the System Restore feature when you have malware.
  4. shugashayne

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    ok well then i guess i wont ever restore my comp with virus, thanks fer tht

    Hokay, lets do this shi*
    pwn some viruses YEAH!

    here are the 3 logs that the link told meh to do
  5. Bobbye

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    The reason is because you don't know when the malware got on the system. You may clean some of it out, but the restore points are protected files, so the cleaning programs don't remove any malware from those files. That's why we remove the old restore point when through. If cleaning had started and you use System Restore with malware, the system would get infected- again!

    I see that mbam removed some Trojans. Also note in SuperAntispyware that there are 3 different users getting the Tracking Cookies. You can have the program remove all of them, but you need each account to reset their Cookies:

    For each account: shayan, anaheet and beeta, do this same setting
  6. shugashayne

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    ok, ill do that thanks but idk why spysweeper is running, that thing finished its subscrition like 7 months ago and i uninstalled it, and i edeleted uniblue cause it sucks

    so yeah, thanks so much, and illl reset the cookies, mmmm, for mine, and my sisters account

    :D shugashayne
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