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Virus / Malware nasty symptons, failed attempts to solve

By leoninanegg
Sep 15, 2008
  1. Hiya,

    Our family pc downstairs was being used by our lodger the other day and it is now seriously troubled.

    I'm guessing he downloaded something or clicked on a pop-up that said it has found a virus, trying to do the right thing but actually ending up installing something nasty.

    Symptons are :

    There were 3 different malware type removers on the desktop (presumably fake).

    'VIRUS ALERT!' is displayed in the bottom right of the taskbar where the clock usually is.

    Pop up messages keep appearing saying 'Someone is trying to access your pc, suspected internet attack...' Or words to that effect.

    Internet explorer directs to a malware remover type site.

    During an AVG scan of the system (in normal mode) it gets to about 26000 files scanned and then slows to a really slow rate. 1 files every few seconds.

    The start menu has been completely modified, most everything has been removed. I can't start programs at all and also CTRL + ATL + DEL does not bring up task manager. A message saying 'this function has been disabled by your administrator'. I also cannot start My Computer (the icon is not there).

    The pc was left on for some time before I disconnected the internet.

    If I start XP in safe mode I was able to install and run some of the recommended programs in the 8 Step Virus Instructions. XP was that compromised that I had no way of accessing them in normal mode.

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware found many instances of malware.

    I was not able to install SuperSpyware Home edition, in both normal mode and safe from logged in as the administrator a message pop's up to say 'the system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation'.

    Having read some of the FAQ it seems like a re-format is the obvious choice. We do use that pc for online banking.

    Can anyone have a look at the log files and throw some light on them. I know a little about pc's but not a great deal. Any assistance would be much appreciated.


  2. SpiritWind

    SpiritWind TS Rookie Posts: 164

    Hi :

    For the Symptoms you described ( "Rogue" Program ), Malwarebytes' Anti-
    Malware is the TOP Choice . IF that program did not completely "reverse" what
    your Lodger did and you do Online Banking, the safest Choice would be to
    re-format and re-install the Operating System . Why you would let a Lodger use
    a computer that you do Online Banking is beyond me .
  3. leoninanegg

    leoninanegg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Calling him a lodger isn't correct, strictly speaking, I live at home with my folks (still) and our lodger is my best mate since I was about 13. An extended family member not a character of suspicion.

    He thinks he opened up some junk mail before it started to happen.

    Anti-Malware has done nothing to put right the crazy bugged start menu...

    It's not really an issue for me as I have my own pc in my room but my folks will be a bit troubled by a re-format, I'm sure. But it's looking like a re-format and letting the banks know and changing all passwords on banking...?
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