Virus/Malware removal, prep done

By iloveyounambour
Apr 17, 2009
  1. Hi, Ive followed the '8 step prelimenary removal instructions' and have attached my log files ready to be enlightened!

    The problem started when some website hit me with something. AVG picked up the threat, but obviously didnt stop it in time... since then there have been a few problems.

    1. My USB drive is showing up in the devices tab as working fine, but does not show in My Computer - ive tried several different USB drives.
    2. AVG is saying I have a Win32/Heur virus, so i know that at least. Also were heaps of trojans etc. you can read my logs.
    3. I get occasional pop-up notification windows, title bar reading "MS-DOS 16bit" and there is a warning in there about something crashing (sorry dont remember details, will post when i see again!).

    Thanks anybody for your help!! I love forums with pros on them :)

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  2. touch

    touch TS Rookie Posts: 978

    I'm sorry, but we do not support piracy. Due to the fact that your malwarebytee logfile clearly shows you have atleast one known crack/keygen, we will not help you.

    This is the main reason your computer is infected. Visiting cracksites/warezsites - and other questionable/illegal sites is always a risk.

    When you install the cracked software, you are running executable files from these dubious, unknown sources. You are in effect giving these sources access to information on your hard disk, and potential control over the operation of your computer.
  3. littlehelper

    littlehelper TS Rookie

    I have a similar problem to you iloveyounambour. both the win32/heur virus AND my usb not showing up. I havent heard anything back from people on the forum yet though.
  4. iloveyounambour

    iloveyounambour TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well then im gonna give my grandson a good floggin!! I asked him about this 'piracy' thing and he says he was just trying to help me out by setting up the best software for my computer. yea, well maybe i'll help him out by stealing something from his bedroom :rolleyes:

    i understand touch - looks like i'll be off to do some research and try and tackle this one myself. thanks anyways, at least i know what piracy is now and to watch my grandson on this computer!
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