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By calving2
May 27, 2009
  1. this is the continue of the my post about the crash "driver irql not equal or less"

    i couldnt not step either the malware bytes or the superanti spyware/
    the malware would not step up at all, after i click run to step up nothing happens. and superanti, i get a error message right after i click run.

    here is the hijackthis report
  2. B00kWyrm

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    Glad you made it here Calving.
    In your previous thread, your reports made me suspicious that Malware was at work.
    Your inability to update or run two of the critical tools provides some confirmation.
    They stay very busy, but one of the Virus and Malware removal experts may be able & willing to help you get cleaned up.
    They may find it useful if you can provide more information;
    Were you able to update Avira?
    What was Avira's report?

    Virus/Malware Helpers: Because of his minidumps and his report of how Chkdsk was acting, and how Seagate's tools did function, (see link above)
    I began to suspect either a bootvirus or other malware and referred him here.
  3. calving2

    calving2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you.
    the avira was able to update. here is the report if it helps.
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