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Dec 28, 2009
  1. I have a PC running Vista Home and is connected to my modem via a new netgear wireless router. My x-box gaming machine now connects via the wireless link to the internet ok.However I cannot link the x-box to-the PC to view photos held on the PC.I would like to display them on my tele which is connected to the X-box.
    Also is it possible to have a PC hard wired to the wireless router(LAN) whilst running a wireless network for access by I-pod phone and/or x-box ?Am I asking for too much?
  2. jobeard

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    you can always use wired+wireless connections to the same router (limited of course by the number wired slots :)

    many of the routers we use at home have a limit to the number of systems(or devices) attached; typically ten

    you need to use the Wireless Network Wizard to get the settings correct for sharing;
    be user to choose 'Private' network and not the public. This will tweek your firewall settings
    to allow Print/File Sharing. If you're using a 3rd party fw, then
    allow tcp in/out ports 138-139,445​
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    Thanks. Will set up wireless network. Is it possible for the devices on the wireless network ie. x-box and i-pod to access and download files from the wire connected PC ? I intend to use this PC to set up the network, then re-connect it as a wired connection to the router so that speed will not be impaired. Is that possible?
  4. jobeard

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    yes, all that works :)

    WIRE the pc to the router to configure it, and as you describe above, you can just leave it.
    The Xbox and other devices can then be wired or wireless.
  5. bazofstour

    bazofstour TS Rookie Topic Starter

    everything wireless works ok ,wi-fi access to x-box, wi-fi to i-pod.Using netgear WNR2000 router cabled to PC.However, when running the rsource CD set-up cannot be completed because Vista is 64 bit.on the PC. Screen comes up saying OS should be 32-bit or XP? Am I screwed or is there a way around this?Only just bought this router and it said "windows vista compatible" on the box.
  6. jobeard

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    you only need the resource CD *IF* you connect the router to the PC using a USB cable.
    That's a lousy way to do it anyway so ignore it.

    Use Ethernet cables with RJ45 connectors everywhere and the OS doesn't give a fig
    what is on the other end of the cable :)

    Again:- ALL devices should connect to the router; the PC should not connect to any other system and ONLY connect to the router.
    Sharing is then a matter of getting the Firewall configured and your Shared directories defined correctly (ie permissions).

    The first test should be to see all \\systemName\ShareNames

    Then the permissions come into play to make the access.
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