Vista Networking Drops after windows update

By seth_381
Feb 6, 2009
  1. Recently I purchased an HP m8400f and lately I've been having annoying network issues. What my computer does is I will be browsing with firefox and I just click on say my homepage button or a link and it won't load the page, then I look down and the network notification has gone from internet and local to just local. So then I close firefox and reopen it and it tells me it is running but won't respond. I have up to date security I run AVG Free, Super Anti-Spyware, and ZoneAlarm I have the Windows Firewall and Defender disabled. I've ran so many scans and they've came out clean I've even disabled them and tried other programs that come out clean too. I've done ipconfig/dnsflush and whatever else in the command prompt and it has no effect. I've reformatted twice and it hasn't worked. I have all the latest updates from HP and MS and it has made no difference. See the thing is my browsers won't work but yahoo messenger and iTunes will still be able to connect. I even switched out my tuner for my old PCI wifi adapter to see if it made a difference and it didn't they both do the same thing and I all I can do is restart and a few hours later it does the same thing. I've tried my Acer Aspire One on the same networking port on the router and it has ran fine. I'm at wits end and have no idea what to do I've done everything under the sun to fix the computer and it is still not working properly. But one thing that has raised my to my attention is both times after the reformat I download all the updates except for the optional hardware drivers.
  2. brucethetech

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    since you've reformatted the system is sounds like your computer isn't the issue but maybe your network connection. does it behave the same way when using the LAN connection?
  3. seth_381

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    yes on both cards the built in LAN which is an nForce model and the wireless is an Encore B/G router now I tried them seperately and they both drop so it isn't the hardware and that is why I suspect it has to do with windows updates.
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