Vista recovery disc won't load

By vistadied
Jun 24, 2010
  1. Ok so I don't know as much about computers as most on here but I am totally lost and I want my vista back so here is the deal I have Toshiba Satellite A205 and the computer restarted and kept restarting I am now using a puppy linux disc to use my computer I have Vista 32bit home basic that came installed on my computer I have tried going into BIOS and resetting my options so that the computer runs cd/dvd before hdd anyway I put the recovery disc in it says windows is loading files and then it goes to the microsoft corporation with the bar with the green bar that slides across and then it loads to a BSOD with the mouse cursor it won't go any further I've tried running in every safe mode possible and every other option on the F8 screen it always ends with the same result HELP surely there must be SOMETHING I can do I've already heard that my hard drive is busted but the light on my .laptop (the one that looks like a jar) blinks on and off when the hd is being accessed and I can pull up everything in puppy (granted I can't open all of my programs but thats because puppy won't let me) the hd makes no noise and my fan runs fine so I don't think its my hd any advice is appreciated
  2. raybay

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    I suspect the hard drive, though that model has a very good Toshiba hard drive known for reliability... or it is a defective install of VISTA on that hard drive...
    Have you tried booting to a linux install or other, such as Windows XP as a test?
    Are you certain the memory is ok? Try using one memory module to test, then change memory modules and test once more... This would test for one defective module.
    I assume you have done this, but worth a re-try... Boot to your install disk, and reformat the hard drive to start over.
    Do you have all the drivers available for that model?
  3. vistadied

    vistadied TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'll have to try removing the RAM I haven't done that yet thanks RayBay
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