Vista use with constant ACPI error

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Dec 4, 2007
  1. Hi, I was just having trouble getting my Control panel to open, so I checked event viewer to see if the cause was there and instead found that I have a very commonly reoccuring event. The event itself states that: "IRQARB: ACPI BIOS does not contain an IRQ for the device in PCI slot 24, function 0." We just got this computer so I did not add anything new recently, so I am not sure on what to do to fix this as I am new to Vista. Any suggestions? Also, I have attached the full text of the event item if that helps. Thanks for the help.
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    Have you checked (with Device Manager, for example) which device uses IRQ 24? It could be just that it needs a newer driver, or maybe the mainboard needs a newer BIOS. But it shouldn't affect control panel that way - if it doesn't cause any other harm, it's probably safe to ignore.
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    What chipset is it on the mobo? This is probably a good question to pose on the mobo section. I had same type problem using Nvidia nForce chipset drivers and someone immediately knew the extra driver I needed..................

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    The motherboard is the Nvidia 680I chipset. I didnt think of the device manager thing, I might give that a try to see if anything comes up.

    Just tried the device manager and found the item, "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge: PCI bus 0, device 24, function 0" which I believe is the same thing called in the text, but the driver is updated when I click to try to update and Vista says its working properly? Any I ideas or shoud I try posting in motherboard section like Dave suggested to see if anything comes up?
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