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Vista virus - can't install Superantispyware

By wenchenha
Oct 28, 2008
  1. Hi, it's the first time I've dealt with a virus. I hope I haven't damaged anything by not following your instructions in the 8 Steps to Preliminary Virus Removal first.

    My computer has been experiencing problems for about a week and a half - Windows Explorer would stop responding and have to restart.

    More recently my computer froze while writing a word document. I could not shut down and after powering off and on - it would achieve a vista logon screen and then instead of loading the desktop, the background would be black. Ctrl + Alt + Del would return to correct menu, but Task Manager wouldn't work. Repeated restarts eventually allowed the loading of the Desktop - approximately 1 in 6 restarts would work - with no performance difference starting in safe mode.

    Two days ago I ran Disk Cleanup and found about 15,000 .zip files of size 198 KB in folder C:\Users\Thad\Shared - a folder I have never used. I suppose that using a P2P program and extracting a .zip finally gave me trouble. All the files were named differently - all named for popular software or games. They were created 8/28/2008.

    I downloaded Avast 4.8 and ran a full scan - it found a few problems in addition to all of the .zip files named for popular programs.

    As I am typing this, Windows Explorer crashed and restarted.

    I deleted all of the .zip files save 1, which I moved to Chest through Avast.

    Chest files:

    $RRC14CK.zip (this is the non-deleted .zip)
    Win32:VB-IE [Wrm]

    C:\Users\Thad\Documents\Texas Hold 'Em\PokerBooks\Poker\Various\Poker Pro 2006
    Win32:Trojan-gen {other}

    C:\Program Files\outlook
    Win32:VB-IE [Wrm]

    I then attempted use System Restore - which would not open. Trying again, it said the program was already running. Task Manager appears as a small green box in the toolbar, but cannot be accessed using ctrl + alt + del OR ctrl + shft + esc.

    I then found your forum and began following instructions of 8 steps....

    I turned off real time monitoring with Windows Defender

    I scanned again with Avast - 1 new file moved to Chest:

    unp249516174.tmp (Oct.26 last changed)
    Win32:Trojan-gen {other}

    I already had CCleaner and ran it a few times.

    I downloaded and ran Malwarebytes' anti-malware twice: logs attached

    I have saved SUPERAntispyware's setup file to desktop, but it will not install.
    Clicking once, will open Windows Installer window which will say "Preparing to Install," but it won't and after 20 mins says install server not available.

    Opening the setup file twice will begin the installation, but the installation will not finish.

    I jumped a step ahead to the Java version update - like Task Manager and System Restore and Windows Installer - the program does not complete its task.
    I am currently using 1.6.0 -oem but 1.6.10 is the updated version-which system refuses to update to.

    Now I have thrown in the towel and am relying on the combined expertise of your forum readers.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. wenchenha

    wenchenha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alternative to SUPERAntiSpyware?

    I guess my questions are:

    1)any way to install SAS?
    2)alternatives to SAS?
    3)consequences of running HiJackThis without SAS/alternative scan or Java Update?
    4)good online data backup for about 100 GB of data?
    5)tips for reformatting Toshiba Satellite w/ Vista Home Prem.
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