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Vista will not boot

By FredF
May 9, 2007
  1. I don't restart my computer often, but yesterday I was on the phone with customer support for my ISP. Part of their standard run-a-round (when the problem is signal strength, as I have told them a hundred times) is to restart the computer. I restarted my Windows Vista 32 bit Dell Dimension E520 and after it passed the Microsoft loading screen, the screen went blank and never reached the user login page.

    I called up Dell support, fairly annoyed (my laptop recently had problems and I was already bothered by Comcast's lack of assistance) and we ran through all the usual things. Checked the hardware via Dell's diagnostics. It turned up no errors. We then tried to use the Windows Vista DVD to use the Startup Repair option. After an hour, the support had me stop that (I tried again overnight to see if any progress would be made, but nothing happened). We then tried to do a system restore, but it tells me that "The disk OS (C:) has a file system corruption and needs to have the files checked" or something to that effect. After clicking check the files, a dialog box pops up. You press start in the dialog box and let it sit...nothing happens.

    I've tried Last Known Good Configuration, same thing happens. Booting in Safe Mode doesn't worth either (it hangs up on crcdisk.sys, which is no help because that is the last file that Windows loads). I haven't installed anything new on the computer recently and the computer has been working fine since we got it, around the end of March. Seeing how Microsoft and Dell have both been no help (not that I expect someone reading off a piece of paper or a computer asking me if I'm trying to install something to be much help), I've come to the only place I know to get answers. I hope someone is able to help me with this problem. Any suggestions are welcome (short of re-installing Vista, that is my last option).
  2. jesse.johnson

    jesse.johnson TS Rookie

    This also happened to me yesterday. I just got done updating my BIOS and now vista hangs at startup. Cannot startup repair. Tried last known good configuration, tried, restoring to a few days earlier, tried resetting my motherboard, tried booting in safe mode and it also hangs at the crcdisk.sys entry, did memory test, nothing seems to work. It is still hanging on the Vista Startup window.

    Was there a fix on this?

    Any suggestions, or am I going to need to reload the OS from scratch?
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