Vista won't boot properly after improper shutdown

By barnesec
Jul 19, 2010
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  1. Vista Premium 32-bit
    HP Pavilion dv6000
    Intel T2080@1.73 Ghz, 3GB RAM

    My computer's not booting correctly. It gets stuck at the welcome screen. I recently had an improper shutdown (battery died), thereafter it would boot up but instead of going to the desktop it would go to a black screen, where I could move the cursor and could use ctrl+alt+del and use task manager, etc. Now I've tinkered with it. And it gets stuck on the welcome screen, where it doesn't respond to anything. Besides pulling the battery out. It does boot in safe mode.

    By tinkering I mean I've created another user. I've used 'msconfig' and disabled all the start up programs. Still didn't work, so I went and disabled all the start up programs and then hid the microsoft services and disabled all the services. I've also been to the repair menu and performed all the tasks besides restoring to the original factory conditions, which is probably what I'll end up doing. I've tried to restore to previous successful boots and it acts as if it is booting correctly, and previous boots don't work either. I haven't done anything recently to the comp, besides change the registry to bring back a disappeared sound icon. I think my problem is just due to the improper shutdown. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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