Vivo Nex 3 'waterfall display' and camera demonstrated in hands-on video

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The big picture: A British YouTuber has published the first hands-on video of the Vivo Nex 3, a smartphone that takes the concept of an edge-to-edge display to a whole new level. It’s not a full-on review but rather, more of a general overview and is of pre-production hardware and software so we’ll have to wait for proper reviews to get the full picture on the Vivo Nex 3.

The Vivo Nex 3 features what the company (and others) have called a “waterfall display.” Really, it’s just a fancy term for a screen that wraps around the sides of the phone, not unlike previous Galaxy Edge devices from Samsung (albeit more extreme). It’s designed to give the illusion that the screen is really bigger than it is and while it does look really cool, I’ve never viewed wrap-around displays as anything more than a marketing gimmick that actually hinders usability.

I don’t know about you but when I hold a smartphone, the palms of my hand(s) touch the sides of the device. This isn’t a problem with most phones as this area is usually metal or plastic but with a wrap-around display, you’re touching screen… touch-sensitive screen. In my personal experience, this leads to all sorts of unintended on-screen behavior via ‘accidental” interactions.

The logical solution would be to remove the touch sensitivity from the curved side panels.

The Vivo Nex 3 also removes all physical buttons from the side panels, relying instead on virtual power and volume buttons (there is a physical power button on the top for when you need to hard reset the device). Again, it’s a neat aesthetic but would probably take a bit of getting used to.

The YouTuber, Mrwhosetheboss, also touches on the phone’s camera system and 5G capabilities.

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Say what you want, curved edges are sexy. Whats the price btw?
It bugs me a lot that not all new phones are compatible on TMobile. Bought s9plus last month, it didnt catch g2 in my area.

I really wanna break free. Maybe my next phone...I wanna check out Meizu Xiaomi Asus Huawei, and Vivo.
Somebody, make some more phones to be fully compatible with TMobile...


Just not a fan of these. There's no point to them. Phones with bezels are actually easier to use, easier to look at and aren't as fragile.
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Just not a fan of these. There's not point to them. Phones with bezels are actually easier to use, easier to look at and aren't a fragile.
"and aren't a fragile"
That's the argument my brother in law uses, and then buys those ugly Samsung active or whatever it is called each year!
I get the point though, if you don't use a case you ll drop it and will break it.
I however is used to having something very beautiful. I guess I just appreciate
the designers work too much to not buy them.