VLC launches Kickstarter campaign for Windows 8 app


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The team behind the popular open-source media player VLC has announced plans to develop a native app for Windows 8's  Metro UI, and they're looking to crowdsource funds for the project through Kickstarter. According to the team, although they currently...

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I would like to donate since I use VLC all the time and it is completely awesome, but I just don't have the money to give away right now :c


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I like this but I'd rather they focus on the desktop app before doing any Metro. The desktop app desperately needs a UI refresh.


I'd give them money to NOT develop an app for the app store and lend credence to an effort to create a walled garden in what has always been an open platform for PCs.


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Posted this in another site, but whatever:

Hmm, for ARM VLC might be promising but for x86 it's dead to people who understands VLC well. Too many issues with VLC, I discussed them on the neowin forum in a few threads about it, chroma range is screwed up for example and blacks are not blacks is another example.


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If VLC still looks the same in 10 years who cares, its a video player, I am not fussed how the play button looks or whether it has a fancy volume slider.. just that its a light client, and plays loads of formats at a high quality,
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