Voltage Switch Affecting Computer Bootup :S!

By roxxar
May 31, 2008
  1. I have a new custom computer.

    The problem: When I try turning on the power the computer does not turn on fully but instead everything turns on for a second and shuts off.

    - I tried disconnecting everything and plugging it back. Surprisngly, the computer worked and turn on fully. But when I disconnect the power plug and plug it back, and turn it on the computer does same thing. Turns on and shuts down.

    - I assumed something was wrong with the power suply. I noticed that the power supply had a voltage switch to change the amount of voltage. I live in canada, so I switched it to 115 v, however when i press the power the computer did not turn on. I switched it to 330 v or soemthing around there, and the computer TURNS ON! BUT I noticed that the mouse and output screen had no power flowwing through. While it was running i switched it back to 115 v and the mouse and screen worked!?

    The only way to get my computer turned on is to do the same thing switching voltage on the
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    power supply.

    Do you think it is becuz of the powersupply or motherboard? If it is becuz of the Motherboard, do you think i need to change it. The motherboard is working fine, when it is on.

    The power supply is 650 v it is enoguh to run my computer :S
  2. Tedster

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    congrats - you fried your system.
    NEVER, change the voltage switch on the PSU to a voltage that is NOT your mains voltage. To do so can short and fry your system. If you're lucky, you have a fuse in your PSU - all you need to do is replace the PSU, if not, you have an expensive paperweight.
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