'VR for G3' is LG's answer to Samsung's Gear VR, inspired by Google Cardboard

Shawn Knight

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Not to be outdone by its South Korean rival, LG Electronics has unveiled a virtual reality headset of its own. In partnership with Google, LG is running a promotion called VR for G3 in which it plans to provide the...

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A guy at work got the Google Cardboard just for sh?t's and Giggles and to be honest, we were rather impressed with how well it performed, on the iPhone 5 we installed "Dive City Coaster" demo and it actually really did seem proper VR headset style 3D motion Sickness as you looked around.


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Is there someplace to sign up for this if you are the owner of a G3. I highly doubt this to be a retroactive answer from LG, unless it's suppose to just show up in the mail one day, which admittedly would be pretty sweet.