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Vundo and Sagipsul Infection: Please Help

By thebeigealert
Jan 4, 2009
  1. Good evening,

    Last night my Symantec found a Vundo trojan which I have been unable to delete.
    "Gay Fetish" and "BDSM" icons appeared on my desktop, a blank webpage with "sagipsul" in the title repeatedly popped up, my Symantec Antivirus' Auto-Protect continued to be disabled and I could not access a number of antivirus websites.

    I followed the 8 steps outlined on this forum with the following results:

    1) Symantec found:

    Filename: "backup-20090104-0..."
    Location: "C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Hijackthis...

    Also, when I was using SAS the following error message appeared:

    "svchost.exe Application error:
    0x0164101c referenced memory at 0x009b0000 memory could not be "read""

    *The computer then shut down

    Here are the attached logs.

    Thank you.
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