Vundo be gone. Log files attached

By echu1989
Jan 6, 2009
  1. Good evening:

    Please see the next reply. The 8 steps cleaned up my laptop a lot but I am stuck with MS JUAN. This post originally included the 3 logs requested in the 8 step instructions, but they are now old.

    I have since run Malware Bytes several more time, plus combofix.

    Combofix and a new HiJackThis log are in the next reply.

    The darn MS JUAN key is still in my registry.
  2. echu1989

    echu1989 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    Can't Remove MS JUAN

    I reran Malware Bytes (3 times) and it keeps saying I have a MS JUAN registry key entry that will be removed upon reboot. Each time it is still there.

    I read that ComboFix should be run on another forum, so I ran that. I am attaching the combofix log along with an updated HiJackThis Log.

    I then reran Malware Bytes but the MS Juan registry key was still. I used Regedit to modify the permissions so that I could manually delete the key. I rebooted and the key did not come back. I reran Malware Bytes and it came up clean.

    Is my laptop finally clean?

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