Vundo destoryed my computer

By neowing
Apr 13, 2008
  1. Dear TechStop.

    I have an emergincy: I used VundoFix (which is the new version) to fix the problem.
    it got over 1500 problems. I click fix it.
    After that my computer restart and said my computer can't find ???.dll(I don't remember) and suggested me to re-install.

    Therefore, I used my windows xp cd and recovered windows (I didn't formet the harddrive because My assignment is inside harddrive: i have to submit monday and I haven't done other computer assignment)

    After recovered, my computer had other problem.
    Windows XP CD was SP1 but In my harddrive, it was SP2 AND MOST UP TO DATE.

    I need the best solution to retrive my School Assignment folder.
    Please I am in panic.

  2. Matthew

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    Copy/paste from the post I just made here:

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