Vundo!grb help?

By 79Ford
Feb 3, 2009
  1. Mcafee pops up on every start up saying it's detected Vundo!grb and has disabled/deleted it. It keeps happening so apparently the virus is still there. I have tried scanning my system with Malwarebytes, Threatfire and SuperAntiSpyware, all of which show infections on the system and then freeze. Malwarebytes and Threatfire froze while scanning C:\WINDOWS\system32\monhftd.dll while SuperAntiSpyware froze while trying to scan C:\WINDOWS\system32\mprmsg.dll. It does not allow me a chance to get a log of what files are infected or anything, i cant even close the program doing the scanning, I have to reboot the system. I dont know if its related or not but the windows auto updates are disabled and it will not allow me to re-enable them. Also Firefox and IE7 will not launch, however for now I can still use Apple Safari. I can usually get rid of viruses, but with it freezing up the AV programs and occasionally the whole system I am stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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