Wait on iPhone?

By nanaki2007
May 1, 2009
  1. Look-I've been looking around and I know you probably get the "when is the new iPhone release?" daily. I'm not asking about specifics or anything. I've just been seeing a lot of rumors about a June release. With the volume of these rumors would anyone recommend waiting for an iPhone or risk getting one now and trying to sell towards the new one later?

    The aspect of waiting and getting the new iPhone if it is indeed scheduled for June probably should be exciting but I've been waiting for May when my 2 year contract runs out for quite some time now. Also, they might just be announcing it soon and be releasing some time later, meaning I just delay longer. Would it really be that hard to sell a fairly new one that's in good condition?

    On the other hand how big of a deal would it be to take a few extra weeks with my old screwy Razr and maybe save a little cash?

  2. nanaki2007

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    By the way-I've tried several other smartphones: Blackberry Bold and Curve, Samsung Epix, Palm Treo, I still like the iPhone best so far. I really don't care who else has one.
  3. poertner_1274

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    Honestly. If you've gotten by okay for so long with the RAZR, then a few more weeks won't kill you. This is of course hoping that the June release is indeed correct. I was in the same boat as you, my contract expired and I waited 3 weeks before moving to the BB Storm, because I kept researching the issues & finally made an informed discision to get one.

    If it were me, 2 extra weeks isn't that long, especially since you've gotten by for so long currently.
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