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Walmart relaunches Jet with three-hour delivery, personalized shopping, and a new look

By Polycount
Sep 13, 2018
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  1. Walmart has been stepping up its game considerably as of late, most likely in an attempt to better compete with digital retail giant Amazon.

    The company has looked into crowd-sourced delivery programs, wireless power to cut costs at physical store locations, and even an automated online order fulfillment service that uses robot manpower.

    Now, Walmart is finally making real use of Jet, the digital shopping platform it purchased back in 2016 for a whopping $3 billion.

    The website has relaunched today, boasting a tweaked aesthetic, an improved selection of products, and a focus on shopping relevance courtesy of personalized product suggestions and zip code-based background imagery.

    However, these improvements are all pretty much standard fare for a modern online retailer. The major advantage Jet now has over some of its competitors is three-hour deliveries, according to CNBC.

    For the time being, this delivery option is only available to New York residents, but it will undoubtedly roll out to other areas in the coming months. These quick deliveries are reportedly enabled by Parcel, the delivery logistics company Microsoft purchased in 2017.

    I've never used Jet myself, but these changes definitely sound positive. Quicker deliveries are almost always a good thing, and it might be just the breath of fresh air Jet needs to get back on its feet after years of relative stagnation.

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  2. SantistaUSA

    SantistaUSA TS Addict Posts: 106   +27

    I've used Jet.com twice and both times I had an issue.

    The first wasn't so bad, bought a video card GTX1060 6GB for $220 back when the prices were normal (oct 2016), the description of the video card had one wrong info so they gave me $20 credit, so great deal there!

    The second was a different story, bought a power supply (750W modular for $65) last year, not only the description was wrong but they sent me a completely different model of what I purchased (650W not modular), way inferior than what was offered. I've pointed it out to them and all they offered was a $10 to keep as is, I'm like hell no and told them for $20 discount I would keep it and apparently that was too much so they refused and I just returned it because if I would had any issues in the future I would have a hard time using the warranty as my paperwork doesn't really match what I bought!

    I did some research and looks like most of the products were through 3rd party sellers and clearly they were putting wrong info on purpose to get people to buy it, not sure if jet.com has a better quality control on what is being offered but I decided to avoid them at all costs.

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