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Watch Dogs PC performance issues finally fixed

By Scorpus ยท 16 replies
Jul 30, 2014
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  1. Ever since the launch of Watch Dogs in late May, PC gamers have had to suffer through mediocre performance in the flagship Ubisoft title, even on rigs with high-end graphics cards. Despite Ubisoft claiming it had improved performance, the patch they...

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  2. cmbjive

    cmbjive TS Booster Posts: 777   +138

    Did Watch Dogs start out development on the consoles and then was cross-ported - for lack of a better term - to the PC? I would think that a company as a large as Ubisoft would be able to afford dedicated programmers for the PC version of the game.
  3. wastedkill

    wastedkill TS Evangelist Posts: 1,423   +350

    So did they do what the modder did or did they just slide it to the other end of the desk and blatantly show a modder can do a better job then their whole team...
  4. But the main flaw of the game is the " I hack everything with the Q button on my keyboard " .
    I suggest uninstalling the game and getting one finger death punch. Pretend your enemies are the ubisoft team. Hours of fun.
    cmbjive likes this.
  5. cmbjive

    cmbjive TS Booster Posts: 777   +138

    The game never explains how Aiden Pearce became able to hack things with his smartphone, did they?
  6. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

    Its a shame they didn't release Watch Dogs with its full potential.... at least they optimized the performance...
  7. wastedkill

    wastedkill TS Evangelist Posts: 1,423   +350

    "Atleast the modders can do a better job at fixing watch dogs at its full potential & optimized!!" there fixed it for ya :)
  8. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,270

    "Assassin's Creed Unity - won't be as poorly optimized from day one".

    You won't catch me holding my breath.
  9. TheLastPanda

    TheLastPanda TS Member Posts: 78   +10

    They didn't say it outright but they made it pretty clear. CTOS mobile network has the information of everyone and a lot of computing power. A group hacked it and its facial recognition database so he just got in good with this group and uses his phone to access this data/power. Everything is hooked up to the smart-city-grid through CTOS so the back door he exploits via his phone can control things. The cellphone itself never does the hacking but for some reason everyone thinks that.
  10. thelatestmodel

    thelatestmodel TS Booster Posts: 109   +36

    I uninstalled it ages ago. The game wasn't really worth fixing.
  11. Nobina

    Nobina TS Evangelist Posts: 1,274   +785

    Many people have already lost interest in this game. It was overhyped, and as always, didn't deliver.
  12. Stop going around saying they've fixed the blood in thing when they haven't .... High setting still stutter on occasion , and ultra is still an unplayable mess ... Please get real jernos in ... To at least test it . I7 4790k , 8GB 2666mhz , inno3d gtx 780ti dhs ( fastest out he box GPU in the world ) and I still can play it.

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,222   +424

    So Watchdogs was originally delayed in order to make it a smooth release as I recall. Which, wasn't smooth after all for PC users. And now they fix it? Typical.... it's sad that this is the gaming industry now. Well, I'll wait a little longer before I buy the game...
  14. DAOWAce

    DAOWAce TS Booster Posts: 268   +39

    Glad I didn't bother with the game..

    Getting real sick of E3 showcased games turning out to be nothing like their reveal footage and promises.
  15. They can, but they would rather screw us over since we're just a small portion of their target market.
  16. Sorry for jumping on this thread but I have been having a bit of a problem, since upgrading my pc I have been unable to install this game!! but its not because I am a half twit as I had this on my last system but here is the problem after installing it says

    "this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. please install a program or, if one is already installed, create am association in the default programs control panel"

    Even though it has created the game folder and copied all files, it is not showing it is installed in Programs And Features and it would be nice to be able to play this properly with the new patch & DLC's
    my last rig was a 6yo intel quad core, 4gb kingston ram, GTX560ti 1024, sound blaster card all on a bog standard Biostar board(replacement for my asus mobo) now I have Asus M5 A97-R2.0, AMD FX8320 x8 Core Processor (Noctua NH-D15 Dual Radiator Quiet CPU Cooler with two NH-A15 Fans), 4x4gb Kingston Hyper Beast (Kingston HyperX Cooling Fans), Radeon R9 270x 4096mb, the sound blaster card (from old rig) 1x 2tb Toshiba HHD (formatted for movies, music, pictures) 1x 1tb Seagate Windows7 ultimate x64 ATI Rebuild by Team Rockers (650gb partitioned for games) 850w EZ Cool PSU al in a Coolmaster with 3 chassis fans keeping it all super cold and all my other games install fine and play with no problems even with graphic settings maxed out and yet still no joy with Watch Dogs!!!
    I have tried every possible solution on the web but all solutions did not specifically relate to watch dogs
  17. "With any luck, the next major Ubisoft title on PC - Assassin's Creed Unity - won't be as poorly optimized from day one".
    Worst game company ever.

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