Ever since the launch of Watch Dogs in late May, PC gamers have had to suffer through mediocre performance in the flagship Ubisoft title, even on rigs with high-end graphics cards. Despite Ubisoft claiming it had improved performance, the patch they released in June did little to ease the pain.

Yesterday, more than two months after the game launched, Ubisoft released a patch through Uplay that actually addresses the performance problems on PC. Specifically, the stuttering gamers experienced on high-end systems when using textures other than Medium is now gone, according to many reports from those who've tried out the patch.

The team in charge of patching the game is still working to optimize performance, especially on Ultra texture settings. While Watch Dogs can be visually impressive (especially with this mod installed), it's clear that Ubisoft's first-generation Disrupt engine is not as polished as the company would like.

For many gamers who've already completed Watch Dogs, the patch comes too late. However, if you're still playing your way through the game, or gave up due to bad performance, fire up Uplay to have the patch automatically download and install.

With any luck, the next major Ubisoft title on PC - Assassin's Creed Unity - won't be as poorly optimized from day one.