Watchdog Timeout BSOD

By Jake Laumann
May 4, 2014
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  1. I have been having problems with persistent BSODs. There was a time at which I had a very minimal, and would say normal, amounts of BSOD. However the past few weeks have been dealing with a very high total of them. This evening, I dealt with 6 back to back blue screens. It seems that the more I use my computer the more frequently they tend to be happening. I play CS:GO a bunch and tend to get most of them while playing the game, however I know that CS isn;t a very graphics or memory intensive game. I built my computer this past summer and will post the specs below. Thanks for all help!

    CPU INTEL|CORE I5 4670K 3.4G
    PSU XFX | P1-750X-XXB9 750W
    MEM 8Gx2|PATRIOT PV316G160C0K
    HDD 2T|ST ST2000DM001 7.2K 64M
    SSD 240G|KHX SH103S3/240G

    Note: I am running windows 7 using the ssd, I have also made sure I have all the new drivers installed for my graphics card and motherboard. I have attached a screenshot of the BSOD, which is the same one I get every time. Thanks again!

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