Water Spill

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Hello, after a water spill (about 2 days ago) most of my key's aren't working. also having problems starting up my laptop. it turns on after a while, but always insists going through system recovery. I ordered a new keyboard, but I'm worried about my laptop still

please excuse the bad grammar/punctuation. I'm using an on-screen keyboard.


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Well honestly if the laptop itself is still functioning then that is an accomplishment. With the keyboard being bad yea that is going to have to be replaced. If the computer itself constantly wants to go to system recovery, try reverting the system back to an earlier date through system restore to see if that fixes your problems. If not, you may have an issue regarding the motherboard.


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Use a USB keyboard, see if the system is even usable. From the sounds if it, it may be fried.


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This is for those who just had this happen.
Don't wait for days before doing this.

First thing you do after a spill is turn off the laptop.
Remove the PSU cord
Remove the battery
Turn it upside down
Shake all the water out
Use compress air can to blast the water out
Or use a Straw attach it to a vacuum nozzle with some duck tape to suck-up the water
Or use a dry/wet-vac to suck-up the water then to dry it off.
Wait a couple of hours to make sure it completely dry.
Now try to see if the keyboard is still functional? If not replace the keyboard

Other suggestions here can be use in the meanwhile after the system is dry though.
Don't want to short anything out while it's still wet.


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Look on ebay for for the model and see if the keyboard is available. I found a vendor here in the states in NC who sold only keyboard replacements for laptops. When our German Shepard got excited he had jump and his paw had smashed down into the new 17.3-inch laptop keyboard. Even though it was under warranty no way where they going to cover that accident. I just had ordered a new one and replacement the keyboard myself. I use to do this type of work so it wasn't that hard to do. Cost me but next time keep the dog away from the laptop.