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Wavy lines an weird colors even in safe mode!

By gchfamily ยท 5 replies
Jul 24, 2011
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  1. Dell XPS 420 an 9800GT Nvidia video card.

    Computer will be fine then all the sudden i get all of these lines and weird colors at top and bottom screen and computer freezes.

    I reboot and all through the splash screen and where i enter password i have weird lines and shapes. When the logo comes up i have a double of it on side of the screen but its all distorted.

    Right when Window goes to load my monitor goes dark and just get the orange lite on the monitors on/off button.

    When i again reboot and go into safe mode i still have all those wavy lines and if i move the mouse around the screen it clears it up some.

    Its like im getting interfernce on my screen.

    Now ive disabled through Device Manager my video card but still have the issue.

    But i dont always have this issue. Right now its working but then after awhile it just hit and freeze computer.

    Talked to Dell and he just did the updated Drivers for Video card which i did a week ago.

    He know wants to reset my computer back to factory settings, which sucks cause i lose all the video's i have.

    Is it my Video card going bad? a Virus or something else? Please help before Dell talks me into something stupid.
  2. Ultiweap

    Ultiweap TS Enthusiast Posts: 606

    Normally a virus won't do such things.. It is your card but disabling the video card in device manager and continuing using the video card port wont change anything you must go back using the onboard card port if your mobo have any then you may see the difference.

    Also if you recently update try to rollback to previous version to see and if the same then use the onboard video to see and if it work on onboard video therefore your video card is faulty.
  3. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Posts: 2,229   +1,306

    What type of monitor are you using, LCD or CRT? If you have another computer, or even integrated graphics on your computer, plug the monitor into the secondary display device and see what happens. Just to rule out other problems check all the connections going to and from the monitor. Degauss it if it's a CRT.
  4. gchfamily

    gchfamily TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Its an LCD monitor. Saddly i dont have another computer here to try.

    Though what ive done is rollback to my old drivers for the video card. Well luckly i still had them saved on computer cause Dell guy somehow lost them.

    And in settings for quality i put setting in the middle.

    So so far its working ok. Sometimes i just get Display Driver stoped Responding and has Recovered Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode driver etc.

    Dell guy whom i couldnt really understand with his thick accent kept telling me i had to reformat my hard drive. Cause since i turned video card off in device manager and still getting video issues, that ruled out the video card.

    But i just have to much stuff on here and to go back to Vista and then go thru Windows 7 upgrade etc, too much. So i had to hang up on him cause he was getting pissy with me.
  5. axelfoxx

    axelfoxx TS Rookie

    my lcd toshiba l335d laptop has started doing that now after going to win 7 i think its due to the incorrect drivers installed for the graphics card but yet the whole laptop restarts after 5 seconds of colors
  6. dividebyzero

    dividebyzero trainee n00b Posts: 4,891   +1,262

    Have a look at these screenshots.
    Do they look similar to what you are experiencing?

    If so, then the graphics card is exhibiting signs of failure. It could be due to GPU/solder failure, or it could be that the card is clogged with dust and a good proportion of your carpets fibres.
    Display driver stopped responding generally means the card is saying it's last goodbyes to you and your family (occasionally it is because of a recurring Nvidia driver/MS W7 glitch - TDR, and sometimes because you have "multiple-display performance mode" selected for "Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration" setting*, although this is more a 3D application problem, not 2D)

    If Dell are entering into a support dialogue with you I assume the system is under warranty?

    * Right-Click any clear area of the desktop > select Nvidia Control Panel > expand "3D Settings" > Manage 3D Settings > "Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration" (in the right hand pane under the "Global Settings" tab. If "Multiple display performance mode" is shown, click on the wording and select "single display performance mode" from the drop-down list that appears. Click Apply and exit.

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