WD Elements 3TB external USB hard drive won't connect to the computer

By Levi G
Mar 6, 2012
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  1. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with this western digital hard drive. this is what happened:

    in a rush i accidentally knocked the external drive off the system chassis, it fell 14 and a half inches onto a carpeted floor. i tried accessing the drives folders and could not, so i went into disk management to see if there was anything in there i could see, i noticed the drive was 'unallocated space' and i was asked to initialize the drive, i can't remember the 2 options i was given, basically i tried 1, and nothing happened, so i went back into disk management and tried the 2nd option, that's when the problem started happening, the LED on the drive blinks continuously, and the computer will not see that it is connected via usb, it won't even show in disk management, I've tried all the software from the WD website, but i have to select the drive to repair it, and its not showing up anywhere, it's as if it cannot connect to the computer... it has a standard sata -> usb converter..the drive doesn't vibrate or make noises or get warm at all.. is there anything i can do? what does the blinking LED signify? :(
  2. m4D

    m4D TS Rookie

    as i got it, the drive doesn't start. so, there's a great probability of it's bearings/axis deformed from the falling and jammed. imho, now you can only give it to repair services.
  3. Levi G

    Levi G TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok thanks.

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