WD My Book Live Drive files access

Hi All,
My "WD My Book Live" drive died, meaning the network card is faulty and I could not access the drive at all.
I have taken out the drive from the enclosure and connected it to Windows 10 computer.
The drive was visible but could not access the files, error appeared saying that file format is not recognizable.
I run unix from the cd without installing it but this also came up with error when I tried to access the drive.
Question is, How to access the files from this drive now when is out of the enclosure and connected to Win 10 computer.
Hope you can help.


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"bad super block" is the Linux equiv of the ntfs Bad MBR. You must recover/fix it using a Linux system


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The WD My Book comes in 1,2,3,4 TB configurations. I chose the 2TB and here's why.

Empirical evidence has shown that the 3,4 TB variants fail far more quickly and more often than the 1,2 TB versions. When I went shopping, the onsite tech commented that the 3,4's come back much more than the others.

My 2TB is now 3years old and used as secondary storage to my DVR and is loaded with 200+ HD,SD movies which we view all the time.