Web browsers not closing properly

By coastymad
Jul 6, 2009
  1. Hello, I'm running windows Vista with SP2 installed, whenever I close a web browser the process still remains running, the process has 1 thread and uses up 100% of whichever processor core it is assigned to. I have tried different browsers, Firefox 3.5, IE8 and Opera 9.64. The only browser that does seem to close properly is google chrome. I have not found any other programs on my computer which do not close properly..
    Can anyone suggest a reason / solution for this?
  2. Bobbye

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    You need to find the cause of the hang.

    1. Could be an add-on. Suggest you remove all add-ons, try browser. Then put them back one at time until you find the offender.

    2. Additional place to look is in the Task Manager. See what's using the CPU other than System, system Idle ans taskmgr when the system is prepared for shutdown. They should add up to 100%. Anything over 1-2 is causing the hang.

    3. And look for Error corresponding to time of hang- most likely "hanging app."

    1. Check add-ons
    2. Check Task Manager
    3. Check Event Viewer: either of these sites will help with that:
  3. coastymad

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    Thanks for the reply, I couldn't find anything wrong following your instructions, however the problem has been fixed by doing a system restore (which I should have done before posting I suppose). Thanks
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