1. I have bought by renting a second hand cpu. The monitor is not part of it, rather they have given me different bits and pieces. The monitor next to the webcam says Bright Cam 1.3 mega pixels. I have tried troubleshooting I.e. finding/adding device, but, it does not have or cannot find a webcam. I have even downloaded drivers and programs to try to fix the problem. I need this for skype. The rest works - I.e I had to buy external hardware to use as audio/speaking for skype. Do I have to buy further hardware or something? Please treat me as a computer dummy! Thanks for any advice. Jem xo.
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Need more specifics, like the model numbers...
    Does the monitor look like this?
    Is the web cam part of the frame?
    Is there a cable for attaching the webcam to USB?
    There is a manual available for download, but you need to look under the model for the monitor.

    Tell us how things go for you.
  3. Jem Amber Stone

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    Sorry and thanks for the reply. My son is computer savvy and says there is a programme to download, which he will do for me when he has the opportunity. xo

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