Weekend game deals: Plants vs. Zombies $2, Mass Effect 2 $5


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With Mass Effect 3 coming next month, it's a great time to catch up with the series and GameFly (formerly Direct2Drive) is selling the second installment for only $4.99. Microsoft…

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i find myself always buying things from these sales only to never play the game


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Same here. That's why I tried to reduce my spending last year, and did it with reasonable success, even though I still bought tons of games. Unfortunately I discovered Steam Gifts and since I enjoy giving away stuff this adds an incentive to buy more games. If I don't play them I can always give them away.

As for Plants vs. Zombies, I have both the PC and Android versions and I played it more on my phone, because it's a more accessible device and the game is really suited to touch control. So I'd recommend going with that version of the game (which costs $3) if you have a suitable device.


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I would have bought Mass Effect 2 but it was just for N America and i'm in europe. I'll wait for steam to make the same offer. :D