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Weekend Open Forum: Do you jailbreak/root your smartphone?

By Jos ยท 62 replies
Jan 20, 2012
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  1. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,028   +197

    nope my little bro did that to his phone and it wouldnt boot, he ended up paying 100$ through his insurance for a new one
  2. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,920   +629

    See, bricking an Android device is actually pretty hard. You really need to messing around in ultra-deep levels where you shouldn't be poking your head in.

    There's always tutorials on how to unbrick a soft-bricked device.
  3. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 1,910   +593

    Running Cyanogenmod 7.1 with ICS Theme on my SGS Fascinate 3G+, and loving it.
  4. I'm not sure really what rooting is but i got the phone unlocked, eraased the phone's network operater brand and installed an offical universal rom from the phones manufacture. Then installed my favourite apps like Jeanie (voice control misc), Crackle (free full shows/movies), TuneIn (radio& music), Webroot (antivirus, safe web, lost phone), Officesuite ( read doc,pdf, ebooks), ABC News (writen/video news), ebay (buying stuff) and Angry Birds (game). Mail, web brwser, Navigation, Facebook and such already comes installed by default. Not really root just a different rom to make phone usability and performance better.
  5. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +95

    Why not Galaxy Nexus? I'd say it is a much better option than the S2 IMO .............
  6. Emexrulsier

    Emexrulsier TS Evangelist Posts: 560   +59

    I root my android phones simply to allow me to perform actions that should have existed in the original firmwares as standard. An example is titanium backup.
  7. Emexrulsier

    Emexrulsier TS Evangelist Posts: 560   +59

    rooting deffo doesnt cause any issues you have mentioned above it is near impossible for it to do so. What would be the root (no pun :d) would be a possible flakey/unstable firmware that might have been loaded (which could have easily been corrected)
  8. I like the IPHONE. Don't hate, but it is only bcx it looks like a beast. I would luv the new phone dat is black, like the samsung gs2, but rly only if I jailbreak it.
    Any thoughts on whether it should be against the law to root the phones?
  9. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 916   +24

    i unlocked my windows phone. it's a LG Optimus 7. i can say it is probably the easiest wp handset to unlock, since it can unlock itself (through Lg's own engineer menu - registry) out-of-the-box.
  10. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,171   +203

    Jailbroke my friends iphone at the weekend. I never used one at all before then.

    Did not like the way you have to sign in to download the free apps on app store. Very hard if you have a friend who cant remember his password or email adress.

    Did not like the way you have to sign in to sync your phone with itunes, My pc was unauthorised and therefore could not back anything up, Making jailbreaking it a very risky prospect.

    Everything in this phone seems nailed down.

    Not any more ofc, I got cydia. and ifun box after a little research:)
  11. AT&T Galaxy S2 running Unnamed v 2.2.1 - much better than stock.
  12. 0192837465

    0192837465 TS Enthusiast Posts: 21

    I have a rooted Android
  13. I own iPhone 4 and iPad 2, neither is "jailbroken". I'm quite happy with them as they are, I don't see a reason for jailbreaking them, but maybe because I'm not much of enthusiast, I use them in my work, a bit out of the "breaking my toys" age. Or maybe because I respect Apple too much, I don't know. It's nice to have a well made computer device that works for once without clutches and enemas and you know that no virus or pirated software can get into it... So much work is put into it, so much thought and the whole "ecosystem" as they call it - brilliant, no piracy, no malware, no self-installing toolbars... Paradise, really, comparing to hell I've been through with my PCs for the past 20 years... It's a bit like having a wife that loves and respects you, cooks and washes your shirts and wants to please you, and although it is perfectly legal to cheat on her, it's just ... not only ungrateful, you know, but you just don't feel like doing it. Even if there are forums on how to cheat on wives, why do it if you're so happy at home? iPad is not a wife, of course, but it was made (as most things Apple) with a lot of respect to me, the customer, and I'm grateful to people who made it, by being loyal. So I suppose that, apart from not wanting to waste time on that jailbreaking, it's a matter of principle to me.

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