Weekend Open Forum: Have your online privacy habits changed post-Snowden?


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It’s been nearly two years since the first government surveillance programs were leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. And while not much has changed since then, you’d think that with all the coverage every subsequent leak got on mainstream media, most people are reasonably well informed on the matter and taking precautions. But that’s not necessarily true.

Truth be told I haven’t made any significant changes aside from some password spring cleaning -- making sure they’re stronger and none is reused. This being a tech-enthusiast site it should be interesting to read what everyone else is doing, if anything at all. Have your online habits changed post Snowden?

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Nothing has changed. I don't have anything to hide. But that doesn't mean I don't have the right to have privacy!

My digital space in my home is no different than a picture on my wall. If a search warrant is required to view my picture, then so should the same be true for my digital space.


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RIAA/MPAA did more to change my browsing habits than Snowden's revelations. I think he is a hero for what he is doing, but he pretty much just confirmed what I had believed all along.
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No, I have not really made any changes other then switching to a better VPN/Proxy service. I have been aware that "fishy" things have been going on for years before the Snowden incident. I only look to make everything I do on the internet more secure, but not hinder performance.
I do have to agree with mrtraver about the fact that RIAA & MPAA have done more to change people's internet habits.