Weekend Open Forum: Hobbies away from the PC

By Matthew ยท 93 replies
Mar 25, 2011
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  1. negroplasty

    negroplasty TS Guru Posts: 516   +12

    Guitar, gym, bar.
  2. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Posts: 2,306   +1,400

    Art, guitar, cycling, hiking and chasing after the ladies while I'm not doing any of the former. Nothing like a long walk through the forest to calm the nerves. I've also been known to go for a few drinks from time to time.
  3. yorro

    yorro TS Booster Posts: 251

    I play basketball
  4. SeiveD

    SeiveD TS Enthusiast Posts: 37

    I ride my motorcycle, and also work on it along with my parents vehicles. I also work out every day in some form or another.
  5. treeski

    treeski TS Evangelist Posts: 990   +233

    Reading about AI, or just reading in general...Skiing, guitar, traveling, biking, rollerblading, driving, school, tennis
  6. Technochicken

    Technochicken TechSpot Paladin Posts: 729

    Soccer, cycling, drawing, building stuff- electronics, woodworking, bicycles, and more. I also do some programming for fun (in Python), but I suppose that's PC related. Most of my free time goes towards school, but I can't say that's a hobby of mine.
  7. Cueto_99

    Cueto_99 TS Booster Posts: 248   +12

    +1, Go tennis! I just started the course last week, and its a really fun and challenging sport! gotta work on that drive :)
  8. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    I collect rare and old tools and devices. My most recent purchase is a polarimeter.
  9. mrtraver

    mrtraver TS Guru Posts: 380   +86

    Playing with my kids, hunting, fishing, shooting, car repair, home repair, computer repair and building, reading books
  10. demonlord721

    demonlord721 TS Member Posts: 23


    Well I tend to work and spend 99% of my time on the computer soo... My hobbies are building computers, ripping electronics apart and fixing them and working for Engineering and Physics departments at MSCD.

    Sleep is a waste of time if you work 50 hours a week and are also taking 18 credits.
  11. Cota

    Cota TS Enthusiast Posts: 513   +8

    I keep birds out of my garden >_> they eat the leaf buds and it really pisses me off!! >:\
  12. Cota

    Cota TS Enthusiast Posts: 513   +8

    Depends.... brush or finger painting? :p
  13. nobleX003

    nobleX003 TS Rookie

    I work day and study in night weekends I going to reunion of young people at church Sunday a play some PC games
  14. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    Nice question indeed, but I'm a bit anxious when i found out my answer is terrible.
    I'm a monitor fan, so I'm often stuck to one :p ...

    sharing between work, gaming, movies, TV series, internet (social network/shopping/forums/research/training), :S .... too many monitors ...

    beside i have to share my life with the wife, family, shopping offline & i live on a little paradise with beautiful beaches, sunsets, nature tracks, mountains, beautiful girls, shopping complexes, etc... etc...

    90% of my time in front of monitor ... shame on me *doh*

  15. dividebyzero

    dividebyzero trainee n00b Posts: 4,891   +1,264

    Car restoration (mainly mopars), Cooking (even though it's my profession), Painting (portraiture, graphics and tattoo designs), Reading (hard sci-fi/cyberpunk/bizarro esp.), Chess, and when in season game fishing....oh, and beer, spirit and wine tasting (informal basis only- none of that spitting the stuff out business)
  16. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Posts: 7,668   +988

    Another tennis player here :). I also play soccer depending on the time of the year. I'm a TV buff, too, but let's say that doesn't count because it's more time in front of a screen. So besides sports I like to play cards with friends and family and during the past year or so I've also spent a LOT of time with constructors and the architect building my house.
  17. Gunpla, psp and pvc figures
  18. andreasf93

    andreasf93 TS Rookie Posts: 25

    Hang out with friends every Friday and Saturday night.. the rest days? School...
  19. Quinneypoo

    Quinneypoo TS Rookie

    When I am absent from my computer I am usually at school, if i'm not im usually fapping, eating, or sleeping. I'd say my hobby is thinking about computers, or thinking about all the girls that I could never get.

    This has to be one of the coolest threads on Techspot in a while, thanks Matthew!
  20. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    I play soccer / squash / cricket (not in any particular order) when I have time; infact I'm arranging a cricket match next week between two of our departments ;). I also like reading, nothing I particularly like, therefore, it can be anything which is interesting enough to get my attention; so it can be Geological History or something from TC or worst still current affairs. I used to play rugby and chess as well but not any more. But I do follow LOTS of sports.

    Apart from the above, I occasionaly have found myself crashing into police cars (not because of any error on my part) and running over a policeman once (which I must admit was fun). I have left out stuff like hanging out with friends etc. because it is a normal thing IMO; so I guess that should be enough for now :)
  21. Benny26

    Benny26 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,535   +51

    Does Remote PC-ing count?

    If not, cricket and being a couch potato mostly.
  22. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +67

    Bit of badminton. Soccer (5 a side footie in UK). Cycling when weather is better. Travel to see live premiership football as well.
  23. Garage Sales, Rugby, Woodworking, Knife-Throwing, and watching "The Universe" on TV.
  24. dotVezz

    dotVezz TS Booster Posts: 112

    Wow, I have to say, this is the best WOF topic in a long time. For the first time, I'm actually *interested* in people's responses to it.

    Cuz honestly, it's usually just asking for our individual (unimportant, often boring) opinion on some (generally trivial) matter.

    It's really neat to see so many people who enjoy such interesting pastimes, especially considering the fact that we all have at least one hobby in common; Computers.
  25. spikester48661

    spikester48661 TS Enthusiast Posts: 101

    H-D biking,hunting,beer,food you no all the good things.

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