Weekend Open Forum: How many processes are running right now?


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Currently sitting at 70, I tend to not over think it as much as I used to but still keep an eye on it from time to time. On my older systems I'm more prudent however.


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121 right now. I remember spending a lot of time optimizing windows (98 and XP, that is) and google terms like "how to reduce memory usage" or "tweak windows". Those days are probably gone. I guess I would use a lot more time tweaking than I'd actually save.


Actually to the poster aboe since this is chrome 218 Tabs equal 218 processes


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At the moment have 63 processes running. Did a reload of Windows last night and am still installing other software, will probably go a little higher when all done.


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53 without chrome open. I really don't like how chrome takes up so much space in the processes window. If I ever have to find another running process, I have to scroll through 20-some chrome processes to find it. I understand how chrome works but it'd be nice if all the same processes were listed together under a nested tree.


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That's the best reason ever not to use Chrome.
I think other browsers are heading in the same direction as well. Reason for this is, if a site hangs up or crashes a tab, the whole browser session will not crash.

I think we should stick to not liking chrome in-line with our previous observations ;)


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68. 11 of them are Chrome processes.

I have a fairly old PC so whenever I notice lag while doing things, I usually open task manager and look for dodgy/unnecessary processes.