Weekend Open Forum: How many processes are running right now?



#3 i dont think so d:.. you just run windows without audio and close all the svhost.exe procces'?


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I currently have 60 running on my laptop, and using 52% of my 2GB RAM. :haha:

The i7 920 I'm currently testing is running only 39 processes, and 17% of its 6GB available RAM.


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Generally desktops have less processes running when compared with the notebooks (not counting in XP here), so I think we should divide all notebook processes with the factor of 2, before posting the final number :p


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My work computer bounces between 50-60 processes. I try to keep if fairly low because it gets rather bogged down with what I need to do at work - graphic design - and I'm still trying to talked my boss into an upgrade .......


23 process? thats increible but maybe you are killing alot of "necesary process" i can have without antivirus 44 or 43 not less


61 Processes

AVG -> 12
Browser -> 4
Nvidia -> 5
Other Apps -> 4

Windows 07, x64