Weekend Open Forum: How much is your cell phone bill?

Shawn Knight

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I just got off the phone with AT&T after noticing that my monthly bill had increased by $10. The charge was coming from one of those scam SMS message companies...

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I'm worth $20 on my parents family plan. Low enough that they don't mind paying. Of course I have a small media phone. I plan to participate in the Republic Wireless beta this summer which is attempting a no contract $20/month unlimted everything plan that revolves around the idea of the phone utilizing wifi even for calls when available automatically. otherwise works off the sprint towers.


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Iphone 3Gs
$110 a month, 450 minutes w/rollover, unlimited(5000) nights and weekends, unlimited mobile to mobile, unlimited text, 5gb data.


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I'm on a family plan, so I account for 40 bucks on the plan. The total bill is over 200 bucks with 3 lines. The way I see it, its only economical to have 4 lines. Anything lower is way too high. I was looking into separating my phone from the plan and its cost 100 bucks!!!! That's not acceptable to me. Before I was on this family plan my cell phone bill was forty dollars. The price hikes are way too ridiculous, especially with the carriers bitching about costs of upgrading their towers. We've been paying for it!


Carrier: T-mobile USA
Phone: Galaxy Nexus
Location: Los Angeles

Plan:unlimited talk, data, text month to month plan (I own my phones out-wright).

I pay $85 a month after all taxes and such... it was nearly double when I was on AT&T. T-mobile coverage has been acceptable. I do believe Verizon has better national coverage, however the price difference doesn't make it worth it.


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Iphone 4
400 daytime, free evenings & weekends, unlimited txt, unlimited data (10GB then throttle).


Hoping to get into Republic Wireless's beta, $20 a month! Woot.


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$0 - I don't need one, yet. Besides imho these companies are ripping the masses off but most are between a rock and a hard place :(

Cell Phone 'Spring' anyone?


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About $35 a month through Cellular One. 300 daytime minutes, 1000 night a weekend starting at 6pm and unlimited text.
But I have an old plan I first got in 2005 and am grandfathered into. I really dont use that many minutes :p


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Job pays for mine - but I think my wife's is just over $200/mo since she has her father and cousin on her plan.


[LEFT]iphone 3gs on a prepaid plan unlimted plan for $45 a month. how?[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1) Bought a magicjack, added local phone number.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2) Have a 5 gig data plan for $35/month and I also add a $10 card a month for texts.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Can call anywhere in US or Canada unlimited any time of the day.[/LEFT]


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I don't use one, I just don't NEED it yet.

I used to have one, I spend like $30 pesos (~3dls) every month, just for emergencies (mines), I don't like to chit-chat in the cell, also I don't like to get call from work with I'm not in work time.


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$170 month 2 lines me and my 11yr old daughter I have the galaxy note on AT&T unlimted data text she has the iphone 4S 3gb plan 700 shared minutes family plan and 4500 rollover minutes.


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T-Mobile // $54 a month after taxes & fees.

500 minutes / Unlimited Text / Unlimited Data (2GB cap) / Unlimited Nights, Weekends & T-Mo to T-Mo


$41.37 after Taxes on ATT

HTC ONE X (Love the phone)

2000 any time Min

Unlimited Nights and weekends

4 GB Data Plan for LTE Tethering included

Just a friendly reminder, Check with your employer. Often times companies partner up with cell phone companies and get you a discount on your main line. It can range fro 15-23% off your bill! Or it can score you a huge discount like I have. It's very worth while to check into it. When I found out about the discount it, at the time, saved me 60 bucks a month. My plan just even went down 10 dollars a month once I swapped over to LTE instead of unlimited 3G.


Xperia mini.
around $3 a month for unlimited data but with 400 mb quota :(.
I rarely call or text anymore so I pay for data only.

Location : se asia :D


Family Plan
2000 minutes
unlimited text
4 lines (3 smartphones and one 1 simple phone)
2 smartphones unlimited data with special promotion 10$/month per line
other smartphone 4gb (30$/month)
21% off because of corporate discount

Monthly bill 182$


Hello everyone, I feel sooooo much better about reading your comments. I thought I was the only one that was being taken by the cellular phone industry. I have an Iphone with ATT&T and although I have a grandfathered plan, 59.99/for a family plan, for 850 monthly minutes, free nights and weekends starting at 7 pm, of course it is looking very good. The only problem is that when I signed up the company was Cingulair and there were no Smartphones. Now we have 2 I phones, first of all they are very expensive to get and your expense increases as it is 25/month per phone for data for 2GB not unlimited. We have the Iphone 4S and I am not impressed the only thing new is Siri and if you think that it works like the adds, you are wrong, Siri is dumb and annoying, you cannot carry a conversation and she will not tell you jokes, she mainly tell you "Sorry I cannot help you with that", I don't know the answer to that", would you like for me to do a web search?, etc". I don't use this feature, It is useless. Besides that we have text, one $10 and one $5 and then we have my mother in laws phone that is a simple phone that I pay 14.95, it is supposed to be 9.95, then on top I pay for my extra line 14.95. I have seen sms messages that I am sure I did not used but I was charged for it. I am paying over 200.00/monthly for this. Do you think this is fair for me to be able to use technology? The government need to step in and make this more affordable expecially in this economy. I place calls, look up some info, check facebook for my granddaughter , simple stuff, but I have massive gallore excess roll over minutes that expire every months. Why if I have thouthansands of rollover minutes am I paying 200/dollars a month and my minutes expiring? I should be getting the service free until I whipe my minutes out. And let's not forget all the international taxes, federal taxes, and all the other taxes.

We need help!




Wind Mobile Canada
$40 / month
The following apply when in the Wind Home zone
- Unlimited calls to US and Canada
- Unlimited data with tethering (speed is throttled once 5GB is exceeded)
- Unlimited international SMS
- Voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding included

This plan was called The Holiday Miracle plan and has been available the last 2 years during Christmas