Weekend Open Forum: How much is your cell phone bill?


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35 a month, was 25 a month until two weeks ago for me.
boston area
Virgin Mobile
Blackberry curve 8530.

unlimited text and data(its throttled data at 2.5GB) and 300 minutes.



$200 weekday minutes, unlimited evenings after 6 and weekends. Unlimited text and BBM. No data though.....
Also is Pay as you go so no contract to worry about!


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£50 One time only payment for the phone.
£15 a month for unlimited texts and internet.


T-Mobile Poland (formerly Era) - US$ 4.3 (yes, four dollars, thirty cents) with 60 minutes or 60 sms' a month, hardly ever exceeded, with Nokia 3120. :D


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Im sorry you had a bad experience with your cellphone carrier insurance. But some ppl cant do as you do. Some ppl have to multi task. Some ppl are just clumsy. Some ppl just have bad luck. As someone who had neglected getting insurance on a previous phone, I can state with certainty that insurance helps. Its not a rip off as you put it when you are faced with a 500$+ cost to replace your phone. Or defaulting on your carrier contract because you cant afford to replace your handset at the initial costs that the carriers give it you for. Manufacture warrenties only cover defects during the manufacture process. Not normal wear and tear. And certainly not accidental damage. Better to have it and NOT need insurance, then need it and not have it. But to each their own, you may have been lucky so far with your cellular device. But it happends to everyone eventually. Something happends to your phone, be it being dropped or a software issue. A freind pushing you in the pool to be funny, whatever. Remember, LIFE HAPPENDS, so try and cover your azz as best that you can.


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I use a no frills, pay-as-you go phone - Tracphone. My bill averages between $8-$9 a month.

I'm on a computer all day at work and often at home. Don't need extra connectivity via smartphone.


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$5 dollars a month, AT&T..

Question: You pay $39.99 a month for 450 Roll Over minutes..
Ok you pay for these minutes, Now its my under standing...
I have read the contract and its real gray area on it...
But it seems to me you buy 450 minutes a month. and then they dump the minutes after 12 months..
I pay for 450 minutes....
Should they reinburse you for these minutes ..??? There My minutes not there's ... Ya Think ??

Its Like buying 450 gallons of gas... and they just steal them after 12 months??

Just Real Curious thats all....


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Your analogy is close. Its more like 450 gallons of milk. Your mins. expire after 12 months. They can only hold your mins for so long. However I would call AT&T and complain that after 12 months the time you have paid for is not being reimbursed. You might try threatening them with a FCC complaint. Then follow through with your complaint to the FCC.


$10 a year, plus the $90 roll over. So my pre paid go phone is queued up at $270. I have an unlocked gti5500 android I use on WiFi with sms on google voice, I'm almost always near WiFi.


I pay around $38 per month for 300 minutes of talk time (of which I rarely use more than 50) and more data than I need, with Virgin Mobile. The data used to be unlimited but they recently capped it at 2.5 gigs or something around that. They use the Sprint network, so coverage is fine in urban areas. Not the widest selection of phones, but I love it--I can finally afford a smart phone.


$42 through Rogers

250 weekday - 512MB data - Unlimited after 6 - Unlimited Weekends - Unlimited Texting - Voicemail and Caller ID

I could not imagine paying close to $100. That is ridiculous.


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Around $3 on average. I hardly use my phone except for some browsing on WiFi and a bit of gaming.


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I pay £35 a month, with T-Mobile UK, for 900 mins/Unlimited texts/Unlimited Internet.

£5 of that is simply because I don't pay direct debit, however.. Sickening tbh when I'm paying the bloody bill online anyway!

Doctor John

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I was on £30/month (UK!) approx with Vodafone, but kept my old phone for the new contract, so about £8 or £9 now, which is nice.


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Insurance is only useful for things that you can't pay for. It's all based on luck, so think of it that way.

If you pay for insurance on your phone, let's say $100/yr(I don't know the actual rates) for an $800 dollar phone. If your willing to pay the insurance, then that means that you are expecting to lose or break a phone once every 8 years. If you are actually really careful with your phone, there is not much of a reason to pay insurance.

There is always a chance that something bad happens, but it's more likely that nothing bad happens if your truly take good care of your phone. This applies to your car, health, and house. It's unlikely that anything bad happens if you take the right precautions, but there is a difference between phone insurance and the other insurances I've mentioned. If you lose a phone, it's not a life changing event. Most people will have the cash to buy a new one. If you lose a 500k house to fire... most people would have serious financial troubles if they didn't have insurance.

If the loss of something does not threaten your livelihood, then there isn't much of a reason to insure it. After all, insurance companies do make money off of insurance. This means that it would be more likely that you make money off not having insurance than lose money. The necessity of insurance is based on what would happen in the worst case scenario.

I have personally had 2 phones over the course of 10 years; both of them still work today. I don't think it's too optimistic to think that you can keep electronics safe if you take good care of them.


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Postpaid Connection (for family & friends): my bill (depending upon usage) can range from 35-45$ range with 5,000 on-network and 250 off network free minutes.

Prepaid Connection (for business/work): 15-25$ (depending upon my usage), reason for having this one is ......... I turn it off once I leave my office ;)


Finally I get to vent!!
they are the second greediest, oil being the first.

T-moble, 500, unlimited tx, no data - $~57 w/tax per month.
Republic here I come!! I hope they get an awesome phone this summer!


Prepaid User - Used up almost $2.50 in last 5 months!!!

Location - India


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$185 a month for 4 phones

This includes 3 phones that has unlimited phone, messaging and data for $50 a month each phone

All taxes and fees are included.


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2 Droid Pro - $95 - No contracts

Unlimited talk and text anytime - 20MB a month included data - $10 more for 1GB

Safari Mobile - They resell Verizon services, so if you have a Verizon phone or an unlocked phone, you can use their service.

I have been using them for about 3 years now.