Weekend Open Forum: Storage capacity in your main rig?

Per Hansson

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My first computer was an AST 100Mhz with 8MB RAM, it had a 1.3GB WD HDD.
Through the years I've gone through pretty much all of the released WD Raptors...
I was disappointed in the last released VelociRaptor series and decided to go for a Seagate Cheetah 15k.7 300GB SAS drive, it's really fast and quiet and I'm very happy with it...

For storage I have 3x WD RE2-GP 1TB harddrives in a RAID5 array.
All four drives are connected to a LSI 8704ELP PCIe RAID controller...


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I have 500gb of 5200 rpm HDD but currently only using 85gb.

I have no need for 500gb but nowadays, the prices are so low that it begs the question, why not?


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ocz Revo X2 160gig main
600gb Raptor as secondary
and a 500gb lacie usb3 external

Revo was expensive but considering the prices of the new Intel 510 and the ocz vertex3 its not far from.


I have 128Gb Crucial C-300 as boot drive , 2TB 5400 WD as storage drive and a 1TB 7200 Samsung as games drive.

Also have NAS with 3.5TB of space for storage of films ,video etc


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1 TB WD Caviar Black in my main Windows 7 PC plus a total of 2.32 TB in Western Digital and Buffalo external HDDs. My first PC was a 486DX2 66 Mhz with 4 MB RAM and a 420 MB Seagate HDD. It wasn't even a 5,400 RPM drive since those models came out a few years later.



I've got an Intel X25-V 40 GB for OS and a few apps (1-2 games from Steam), and a WD 1TB Caviar Green for media.
I'm very satisfied with Intel SSD, Win7 boot is about 14-16 seconds wich is more than awesome. Also in-game loading times are shortened radically! As this SSD cost only $115 I'm planning to buy the second X25-v 40Gb to have it in RAID 0. 80 GBs should be enough for OS and games, unless you are a hardcore gamer college student.... :))



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My boot drive is a 74gb Raptor (1st gen), and I have another 640gb internal drive. That one started filling up with DVD rips and HD home videos, so I added a 1tb external drive to my network via a WD FreeAgent DockStar (with 2 more available USB ports).

I'm thinking about building a headless home frankenserver from spare parts lying around.


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Matthew said:
About 5TB inside of my PC, around 8TB factoring in other systems.
Wow, what do you need that for? Massive ammounts of porn!? LOL... jk...

I have two 320GB drives, use to be in RAID0 (striping) but that seemed to be a little troublesome for my OS partition. Now they are just storage along with two 500 GB RAID1. Finally a 120GB (or 100GB, cant remember exactly) OCZ SSD for my OS. These are all internal. I have a 500GB external storage, and a 32GB flash.


Sometimes it's embarassing to say but my main system currently has 11 Tb. and external support space clocks in at 11.5 Tb. My original system back in the day was a Packard Bell 12mhz 80286 w/80287 and had a 30 meg. HD


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i still haven't upgraded to the holy grail that is an SSD , Im setting on a WD caviar black 1Tb drive and a 500 GB Samsung drive internally . i have around 1tb in external drives and am just waiting to get a new SSD when prices fall. my first computer was an IMB 486 i think it had like a 20MB hard drive kinda crazy the difference now and then.


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Got two WD Caviar Blacks 500GB/640GB in my main system, followed by two WD Caviar Greens 500GB/750GB for external/backup. All my other systems combined probably give me another ~700GB for a total of 3TB of storage.

Now for my first computer, I can't even recall as it was a hand-me-down in the early 90's and if I had to guess probably in the low MBs. My first PC I outright owned had a 30GB HDD, which still works to this day after ~12 years :D .


c300 60gb + 2tb wd green on rig. 3tb, 1tb and 500gb and other drives external


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C: 60 GB OCZ Vertex 2
D: 640 GB WD Black
E: 2 TB WD Green

2 USB 2.0 External Backups
1.5 GB Seagate


3x 600gb velociraptors in raid 0 and one 80gb intel SSD as a boot drive :D