Weekend Open Forum: Storage capacity in your main rig?



In my rig: 60GB SSD for OS and games, 320GB RAID0 for any local files

On my NAS: 1TB RAID1 for all of my files (photos, videos, music, etc.)

I don't think I'll ever build another box with much local storage, since it makes way more sense to have storage-consuming media on a NAS where my other devices can access them, and where they are automatically backed up. In my next box, I'll probably just get a single 120GB SSD and be all set.


2x 1TB RAID1 @ home. But @ work, ~240TB single file system or 400TB single array...no it doesn't fit under my desk


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Right now I have two 500gb samsung f3's in RAID0
I also have two old seagate 160gb drives just for extra storage of files not accessed regularly.

I really don't think I will ever fill a whole TB of data.


main rig = Thinkpad T61p retrofitted with 250gig SSD. ~7TB on the LAN at home (8X1TB RAID6 + 9x160GB RAID6)


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Desktop: (Win7 x64 SP1 on 558 GB VelociRaptors 10,000 RPM Raid 0) + (1.81 TB) + (298 GB) + (1.81 TB) + (1.81 TB) = 6.2659375 terabytes

Server: 6.8 terabytes RAID 5

If I run out of disk space I am in big trouble. ;)


Om my current rig I have two 640GB HD in Raid 0 with a 1TB external storage. I also have a 2TB NAS for the house. My first computer has a HUGE hardrive of 4GB.


2 x 40Gb SSD's in Raid 0 for OS and a few games, 2 x 1Tb drives for media and other progams.


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80 Gig Western Digital (Windows XP Pro SP3, for work)
80 Gig Western Digital (Windows XP Pro SP3, for gaming)
80 Gig Seagate (Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, for 'front')
60 Gig Western Digital (External, for movies)

300 Gig Total...267 Used.


First PC 20 GB, on a Pentium II. Right now with my 3 year old PC 320GB plus 250GB external. But just imagine even an old 30GB ipod has more storage then my first PC!!! Hahaha ^_^ Gonna buy a new PC soon, planning to get SSD (60GB or 128GB) for programs and games. Hybrid HDD (500GB) for special storage and media then and external (1TB or 2TB) with USB 3.0 for archives.


Which HD of same specs except for storage be the fastest, a 500GB 20% full or a 1TB 10% full?
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I have 4.75T in my main computer. My first real computer had cassette tape as storage if you bought one to store your Basic programs; it had 16K RAM. Apple IIe was a big step up when it came -- floppies and Z-80.


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1x Primary SSD - 120GB
2x 500GB Greenpower drives - 7200 RPM

2x 1TB external drives.


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300 GB VelociRaptor 10,000 RPM
Nothing else.
I still have 245 GBs empty.
P.S. I don't do much other than some C programing and a few older games, so the biggest space hog is Win 7 (~15 GBs)


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2x 640gb Western Digital Black Editions 64mb cache, should have raided them really.

By the End of Year:
1 OCZ Vertex3 120gb, OS and Programs such as Photoshop etc...
1 Western Digital VelociRaptor 450gb, Games, Steam, thats it!
1 Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB, Documents, Pictures, Downloads etc...

I cannot wait until I have the money for them!


13 TB total internal HDs, some connected [externally] via eSATA dual-docks (StarTech).
4 HD controllers: HighPoint RocketRaid ATA133 (E)IDE RAID (PATA), mobo Intel P35 internal SATA RAID, Gygabyte P35 internal SATA RAID, JMicron SATA+eSATA RAID.


Well, Primary machine has an external Sans Digital TowerRaid with 5, 2TB drives RAID5 as well as 6 500GB drive 2, RAID 1 and 4 RAID 5. Planning to build a Windows Server and put the TowerRaid on it to back up everything in the house since Mozy has went to a usage pricing model and currently have 875+GB backed up to Mozy... Other machine has 6 1TB drives RAID 10.


1 TB @ 7200rpm Seagate (OS)
1.5 TB @ 7200rpm Seagate (OS, backup)
2 TB @ 5400rpm Seagate (Backup)
640 GB WD, 250 GB Seagate @ 7200 rpm (My olds)
500 GB WD Passport

My first is 20 GB Samsung, and the first HDD seen is my friend's 4 GB Drive


My primary only has 300GB internal, and 1TB External backup. I am saving up for a new rig.

My first computer was something I rebuilt from the 80's, just to learn about computers. It had a stellar 256kb, and ran some version basic version of dos.


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2TB HDD in my desktop
1TB in RAID0 on my NAS
320GB HDD in my laptop

Only the NAS is somewhat full (about 800GB, mostly media, some backups), others aren't even close. I could easily do with just a 1TB disk in my desktop.

No SSD yet, but doing a Sandy Bridge build soon and plan to include a 128GB C300 or m4.

max upgrade

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Right now WD800. Don't need much in HDD space. But the SSD should be fast in Windows open time and any software open time. Speed is more important then storage space for me. First PC was a 286 with probably 10 or 20 mb drive.