Weekend Open Forum: Storage capacity in your main rig?


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In the world of computer storage, solid-state drives have stolen the limelight when it comes to performance. It seems incredible to think that in a one year span manufacturers are almost doubling the performance of their drives, with some of them now reaching insane ~500MB/s read speeds. But SSDs are still far from becoming mainstream. If you are looking for raw capacity at a price that won't break the bank, you'll still need a good old hard disk drive.

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I have 820 gigs internally, plus another 500 externally. I don't keep many movies or things like that on my HDD's so 3/4 of my storage drive is empty.


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i only have one internal storage. its a WD Caviar Black 640GB and it still has 286GB free. i also have a 1TB external drive for back-up.


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I have a 90 GB OCZ Vertex 2 drive as my boot drive.
Then a 300 GB Raptor to hold my Steam folder (which is now full)
Another 300 GB Raptor for backups, downloads, etc.
1.5 TB external drive in an enclosure for media, and then a hard drive dock for all the other drives.

Bonus: I won't count the audio tapes I played Centipede on, so we'll go with a 20 MB drive on the first 'real' computer I had.


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My best computer is a media center machine that has 3 TB. There is 5 computers in my house with a combined sotrage of about 8 TB.


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I have one 100GB OCZ Limited Edition 'boot up only' drive and four Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB SATA-II 64MB Cache.

I believe my first Pentium II 333 PC which I owned back in 1997 only had a 6GB drive!!


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Well, right now I'm using 2 WD 500gb Caviar Black HD Drives. I haven't jump into the SSD wagon because prices are still too high for my wallet, but I do know their speed is something out of the ordinary...

A few months ago I bought a 500gb Seagate Momentus XT for my oldie Dell Laptop, and I was really surprised about the performance jump, I truly recommend them.

As for my first pc storage capacity... I believe it was around 250 - 500 megabytes... so I had to use a ton of 1.44 diskettes for backup! LOL!


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We've already got a poll about this, but okay.

Western Digital 300GB Velociraptor, 1TB Caviar Green (x2), 320GB Caviar Blue (x3 RAID 0)

Think my first computer had something like 3.2GB and 128kb RAM


18 Crucial 256gb SSD's in RAID5. Using two separate Areca 1800 series raid cards. Not 'my' rig but I built it to be used as a SAN in a virtualization environment at work.


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I have a 300Gb WD Raptor 3TB WD Green internal 1TB WD black interal and 160 GB WD Raptor. Also 2TB WD external. A total of 6.46TB!. I cant believe how 5 years ago i was excited to have a 250GB HDD. Thats 26X what I had 5 years ago... If I continue at the same rate I'll have 169TB 5 years from now...

What you guys think in 2016 how many TB do you think you will have?


Currently 8.75tb (raw)...I'm upgrading two terabyte drives to three when they arrive in the mail!
2 - WD 2TB
1 - Hitachi 2TB
2 - WD 1TB <--- RIP in a week
1 - Seagate 750GB (OS drive)


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My first PC was an IBM 386/SX33 with 500Mb HDD,it cost me $2300 back in the day and was considered to be a really hot **** piece of kit.


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My main computer has a 320GB Samsung and 1TB WD Black Caviar. I also have 2 500GB external Samsung hard drives. I'm looking forward to buying another external drive of my own.


32K in my first computer ! That went up to 512K with the large floppies...and then that went up to a staggering 1.4MB. Yes Mb !

Now I have my desktop with a 500GB and 2TB HDD in it, an external twin 2x 2TB, and a NAS of 1TB. Why ? I have a large collection of bluray movies, photos and uncompressed music.

I couldn't live without USB3.0


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320 gig standard 7200 rpm HDD internally and 500 gig external. Never really had a need for too much more; I tend to want to spend more money on other parts.