Weekend Open Forum: What are your most anticipated games of 2014?

Justin Kahn

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With the release of the new consoles behind us for the most part, its time to look forward at what we know so far about this year's game releases. As I've mentioned on WOF before, I am a fan of...

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Tye Lucas

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The Division looks amazing if they can pull it off in 2014, I suspect it will be pushed into 2015 though. Thief of course and also Elder Scrolls Online which I am hoping will be good when its done!


First of all, it isn't a game but TechSpot's Most Anticipated PC Games of 2014.
Second is Fallout, just hope it doesn't come with subpar texture nor characters animations

#3 and New Vegas were great games but the characters were awkward

Dreamfall, I loved The Longest Journey
Prey 2, but I'm worried about what might come

Mirror's Edge, don't known when it'll come but have to be great

Watchdogs looks good let's see
and Julio don't forget of Daikatana II, it'll rock
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Is there a list of games that are slated for this year? cause I haven't been paying attention.
Same here. Guess I am getting old. Use to know all the games coming out. Now the only one I recognize is Destiny and I didn't know when it was coming out.


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Elder Scrolls Online (haven't played an MMO in years - ready to try one again) and Fallout 4 - if it comes out this year.


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I hope to see the alpha and the beginning of beta for Star Citizen. Technically the single player campaign will be out during/between alpha and beta so I think that counts. =p



mainly gta5 and thief which I preordered since it came with the gpu.

btw gta5 is coming to pc in March
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Cycloid Torus

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While most of the marketing for the newest, most spectacular, most excellent, most wonderful is bombast and blither, I will admit to some interest in Fallout 4 and possibly Thief. Being an 'Older Gamer' I find that I wait on reviews and, if there is 'action' in the game which far surpasses my synapse lag, I look for the capability to cheat in order to get through the impossible stuff (tgm in Skyrim).


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1. Watchdogs
2. Destiny
3. GTA 5 for PC
4. Witcher 3
5. Elder Scrolls Online

1. The Division
2. Fallout 4

To be honest though, GTA 5 on PC is what I'm looking forward to the most I have it on PS3 and as much as I enjoy it, multiplayer isn't very good and driving fast causing it to lag up is annoying, same as the 360 version except much blurry textures which kinda throws you out the experience a bit.

Even though it's a console only thing, Destiny I'm very excited for and would be the reason I buy a PS4, Bungie have never let me down (except for ODST but firefight was a slice of genius) so my expectations are relatively high for this.

Last one I'm really excited about is Witcher 3, I haven't played the first one but I completed the second one and loved it :)

EDIT: My ONE thing I would like though is a FIXED Battlefield 4 :)
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I still have a dencet backlog and I haven't even bought all the good games from 2013 yet, so I'm not looking forward to anything really :p.


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1. Elder Scrolls Online, after playing this weekend beta its even better than I expected.
2. Thief, quite enjoy sneaky games and this one looks stunning.
3. GTA 5 for PC, refused to play it till it comes to PC consoles don't do it justice.
4. A Battlefield 4 fix? still to broken
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Witcher 3 is the only game I am counting on to impress me. Plenty of the usual suspects that people have already posted, but those are all wait and see.