Weekend Open Forum: What GPU is in your system?


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Still running an AMD 6950 2GB
Running with a modded BIOS (6970 shader count, but 6950 clock speeds).

Probably my best ever tech purchase, still to this day running every game I own at 1920x1200res at decent framerates.
With the new console generation no longer applying a monumental brake on multi-platform graphics, I suspect I will need a new card soon, but for now it's perfectly adequate :)

Edit: noticed a fair few people are posting other systems.
Mine would be an AMD E-450 APU based laptop (1.65ghz CPU, 6320 GPU). Minimal spec really, but nice for lazing in bed with older games, utterly phenomenal performance per pound spent on it though, brilliant for a £300 laptop!.
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Running a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 2GB WindForce OC at the moment.

Considering moving up a GTX 970 but I'll likely wait for the next generation since the jump in performance just doesn't warrant the $350 right now.


Upgraded to a MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G in December '14 from a 6950 1GB. Very happy with the card so far, running at 1550 MHz core & 8003 MHz mem at stock clocks & cooling.


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Gainward GTX 970 Phantom. Well chuffed after upgrading from two SLI-ed Asus GTX 560 Ti OCs - even with my old i5 2500K it runs Far Cry4 maxed out with 50FPS


What elite circles Techspot readers run in. If $200 cards are the most popular, you would hardly know it from these messages. I have an Asus HD7850 that was around $200 when I bought it. A few months later I picked up an MSI HD7850 Twin Frozr OC for $100 after rebate. The games I am playing now are pretty old (The Witcher and Deus Ex), so CrossFire is turned off. I'll turn it back on when I finish The Witcher and start The Witcher 2. Hoping to pick up Shadow of Mordor when it's on sale sometime-should help for that game, too.

Satish Mallya

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Xfx 7970 GHz edition - got it as a replacement for my XFX 6990

Its a pretty strong card - handles everything I throw at it.

Haven't had to be below ultra settings in a LONG time now.


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560 Ti 1 GB superclocked to 975 Mhz Core / 2200 MHz, faster than a 570 stock :D.

Anyways, I've had my fun with Nvidia with the 9600 GT 512 MB and this nice 560 Ti 1 GB. Extremely trustworthy cards. Best bang for the buck both times.

Now I'm looking forward to an AMD card, hopefully something along the R9 285 with 4 GBs, if they'll ever release one.


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My previous card was a Sapphire Radeon 6870 1GB, but I updated my build a month ago and I have a nice tasty EVGA GTX970 SC 4GB, which hasn't struggled on any game I've thrown at it so far! Considering getting a second card in a year or two when it starts to struggle. ☺


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GTX 860m in my Alienware Alpha. Can't beat the size of this guy. Games great, was cheap, draws little power, and surprisingly quiet.


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Running x2 MSI NVIDIA GTX 970 Gaming 4Gs in SLI mode. Very nice they are too. Shame Assassin's Creed Unity is too flaky to allow me to use them in SLI mode. :'( Really hoping it wont be long before Ubisoft provide a patch to rectify the issues.


A pair of SLIed GTX 760's. Thinking about a pair of GTX 970's or 980's later this year when I get some bills out of the way.