Weekend Open Forum: What GPU is in your system?



Gigabyte Windforce GTX 680. It can reserve 1GB system RAM for up to 3GB total which allows it to run almost everything maxed out. It can also get further OCed for more FPS. Super pleased with it.


GTX690 running 2K display with max setting
Not sure if I should upgrade to the latest cards, is it really worth as this card still doing great on all the games I throw at it withis max setting. ........


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4 x MSI R290x (FX 8350)
7850 APU + MSI R7 260 Dual graphics
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I had a 460GTX, and since last year a 760GTX. I`ll probably skip 2 more generations `till 1160GTX or whatever they`ll call it.


Geforce gts 450 still breathing till nvidia kills it from a driver update


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Currently I have MSI R7 260X 2GB OC edition, not a heavy gamer. I can still run any game on at least medium/high settings. Also I overlocked it 300Mhz more for memory and 50Mhz more for core cause why not? Temperatures around 30 C, almost 40 C at load.


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Radeon 7850.

Handles Divinity Original Sin, Civ 5, and Starcraft flawlessly.
same here, and a "lowly" 1gb version at that. but, it's overclocked pretty hard with the gpu@1050 and ram@ 5100. it's an Asus, and I didn't have to tinker with anything more than a couple sliders in gpu tweak, and it's solid as a rock. Sure I'd like more, but I have no problems. I run one monitor and it gets it done.
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Main gaming machine:
Tegra 3

Other machines which occasionally get a bit of gaming:
Radeon 5550
GeForce 860M
PowerVR SGX544 MP2
Intel HD Graphics
Radeon HD 6310

Not currently in use:
Radeon 5750
GeForce 750 Ti (never installed)
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Intel graphics, just sent my video card in for repair. Kinda regretting getting a Nvidia now. The control panel is nothing compared to AMDs and the drivers are annoying.
Yeah that's why I switched 4 years ago. Was it an EVGA card? - because in my experience they are incredibly unreliable..


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GTX690 running 2K display with max setting
Not sure if I should upgrade to the latest cards, is it really worth as this card still doing great on all the games I throw at it withis max setting. ........
I had this card up until recently and swapped it out for x2 GTX 970s and very happy with the results even though it's probably a bit of a step down in some ways. Selling it paid for 1 of the 970s. My main reason for doing so was the fact that it didn't really have enough memory to handle games with high res textures.


Lspci | grep VGA
NVIDIA Corporation G72 [GeForce 7300 LE] (rev a1)
// at 1080p with NVIDIA 304.125 driver on Xubuntu 14.10 64-bit
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O wow most of u playing nvidia gpu's friking y??? Im playing with my ge 7970 by gigabyte best card ever and I had some go amd u wont regrat it by the way this artical is all about r u using amd or still getting "worked" by nvidia jokers


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Msi gtx 670 that I bought about 12 months ago.

Originally Got the GTX 770 but had to return it as my old asus M3NHT deluxe mempipe mobo refused to post with it, And I thought the card was faulty until the guy tested it in store and it worked fine.

After returning the 770 for the 670 I discovered that that too would make my mobo freeze at the splash screen. But discovered that it would post ONLY in the middle PCIE slot. I presume the 770 would have too.

Its a 3 way SLI board, All x16 slots. My brother has a EVGA gtx 670 based on the 680 chipset which works fine in any slot, A gtx 460 works fine, An old gtx 275 also works without problems in any slot.

10 points if anyone can enlighten me as to why this is.

Things I have read: Its an nvidia chipset.. Aka legacy.
An issue with UEFI bios maybe?


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Working with a GTX 760 SuperClocked with the ACX 2.0 cooling. Hopefully going to upgrade to the GTX 960 Superclocked with ACX and run them both with SLI tech.

Jad Chaar

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Currently have an old 2010 Lenovo with a ATI Mobility Radeon 5730 in it. Also, I am currently using my 2010 iMac a lot. It has a AMD Radeon 4670M in it.


I have two nvidia GTX770 4GB cards in SLI.... don't think I need to much else... runs everything just fine on ultra and great FPS rates